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Why is it Good to Create?

Why is it Good to Create?

It seems that the first humans began to draw, paint, sculpt work with their hands for various reasons: to communicate with those around them, to tell stories and legends, to capture important moments and events, or to express emotions, ideas and beliefs.


Create | Daily Benefits

Expressing ourselves with our hands is beneficial to our well-being because it helps us to:

  • release our emotions;
  • develop our imagination;
  • experimenting with new things;
  • find balance in our lives;
  • making connections with people who share the same interests:
  • understand and appreciat our environment and others.

Given the list of all these benefits (I imagine there are others), it would be a shame to go without!

If you feel relaxed, inspired and happy, it’s a sign that this artistic activity is doing you good.

In addition to reducing anxiety, painting, drawing, or sculpting helps to improve self-actualisation, concentration, memory, and reduce blood pressure. This creative process helps the artist to improve his or her overall sense of well-being while allowing for better emotional management.

Artistic activity takes us away from everyday problems and gives a deeper meaning to our existence.

Doodling on a paper pad: relaxing session – Drawing/pic Amylee 

Simply Create | You Will Need

You don’t need heavy equipment to start drawing.

A graphite pencil, a pen or a black marker (the colour blue though, is much more relaxing) accompanied by a sheet of paper, a post-it note, a corner of a newspaper or a notebook can be excellent supports to express yourself and let go.


You can find a great range of paints in the GreatArt store in Shoreditch (London) or on online shop.

Doodling on a paper pad: relaxing session – Drawing/pic Amylee 

Doodling on paper a pad: relaxing session – Drawing/pic Amylee 


Drawing to Release Pressure

Would you like to get rid of the mental load and the parasitic thoughts of daily life?

I offer you a very soothing method that does not require any particular graphic skills.

The method shared here develops spontaneity, imagination, order and serenity. For all creative profiles, young and old.

To be used as soon as the need arises.


1. Sit in a place away from the noise. Draw random interlocking loops on a piece of paper. If possible, try to keep the tip of the pencil on the paper when drawing. To give roots and wings to the whole composition, finish the end lines at the edge of the page (see demonstration below)

2. Then fill in the shapes with patterns, various colourings, anything you can think of. Little by little the abstract composition takes shape before your eyes!

3. Complete all the shapes until you reach the moment of ultimate satisfaction, that feeling of correctness that gives you pleasure. You will like some of them so much that they will end up in a frame. Yes, you will. Especially with large papers, the effect is quite striking.

Black ink drawing on paper – Drawing/Pic Amylee

Demonstration In Some Pictures

Here are some pictures showing my latest relaxing drawings made in my art studio.

Step 1: Drawing random curves on paper

Step 2: filling the shapes

Step 3: Completed abstract composition

Abstract drawings with black ink

Abstract drawing and instant benefits

Abstract drawing on sketchbook

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Content provided by Amylee Paris

The passion of Amylee, fine artist and author is to share her paintings between galleries, art collectors and her community. Amylee is also recognized as one of the most influential French artist-entrepreneurs. Since 2009 she has mentored thousands of visual artists guiding them to thriving their art career.

You can visit her colourful portfolio, her Instagram, or find all Amylee’s posts published in GreatArt online Magazine by clicking here!


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