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Micro Watercolour Palette

Micro Watercolour Palette


Micro Watercolour Palette by Portable Painter

I’m in love with the Portable Painter mini palette. Practical and light, this micro palette accompanies us in all our watercolour compositions but also in all our movements and to paint on the spot.

Portable Painter Palette designed by Steve Padden – Amylee’s picture

Why Choose Portable Painter Mini Palette?

Have you heard of the micro or mini palette from Portable Painter?

This tiny palette is designed for watercolour lovers. No bigger than a business card, the micro palette has everything to satisfy the beginner to the most demanding watercolourist.

I find the tool rather ingenious.

This palette was designed by a British painter called Steve Padden. I’m always very impressed by artists’ inventions that allow better working equipment in the studio!

That’s why I wanted to share this content with you today.

Opened Portable Painter Palette – Amylee’s picture

Use of The Limited Colour Palette

Some watercolour painters like to use a limited palette in order to better understand the mix and match colours in the colour range. Depending on the artist’s comfort level, the palette can be 3 to 6 colours.

In our favourite art stores the palettes offered are often large. With such dimensions, the tool can quickly become cumbersome and impractical, especially when practising watercolour outside the studio.

The more creative and manual among us will solve this problem by making their own small palettes. However, small home-made palettes generally lack mixing surface and are not always strong enough to adapt to all situations.

Portable Painter Palette – Amylee’s picture

Watercolour Painting In Studio Or Outdoors

Presented in a plastic box, this palette transforms in seconds into a complete and professional watercolour palette with deep mixing pans and a convertible water tank. The palette has a sturdy T-shaped handle on the back and also has a finger hole.

Its tiny size and light weight make it the perfect tool for artists who enjoy outdoor activities and versatile equipment.

The palette can be securely attached to a sketchbook with a simple clip to free up your hands.

The closed unit slips effortlessly into a pocket, purse or backpack. The perfect solution for travel, urban sketching and plein air painting.

Full pans purchased individually or use watercolour paint in tubes that will harden in the air – Amylee’s picture


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About Steve Padden

Artist Steve Padden was born and educated in the UK, where he obtained his Fine Art degree, specialising in sculpture and drawing. In the United States, his creative talents eventually found their full expression in industrial design, most recently with the creation of the Portable Painter brand of artist palettes. The artist drew on his many years of product development, a lifetime of painting in a variety of media, as well as his extensive experience in managing watercolours and other art supplies while travelling!

Use a palette knife to remove pans – Amylee’s picture

Characteristics Of Mini Palette

Ergonomic and compact, the Portable Painter Palette is sold empty without paint or brushes.

No need for glue or screws to mount the removable elements, they are held in place by sliding notches. Once the work is finished, the palette can be stored in a box that can be closed thanks to the removable elements.

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If paint marks or stains accumulate on the outside of the palette, I recommend using baking soda combined with water to remove stubborn dirt. This will leave your palette looking clean and white!

Palette sold empty without colour or brush – Amylee’s picture

In Amylee’s Studio

Some photographs from my demonstration when using the palette in my studio.

Portable Painter Palette – Amylee’s picture

My only regret is that plastic does not react like porcelain.

The colour mixed with water tends to pull away, to roll away, not to stay in place on the mixing surface. For this reason I have a particular attraction to porcelain palettes in my watercolour practice, but porcelain remains heavy and brittle. Therefore, plastic is much more practical in creative nomadism.

Store in a pencils case or a pocket – Amylee’s picture

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