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Clairefontaine Competence Aqua set

Clairefontaine Competence Aqua set

Clairefontaine Competence Set Aqua | Plein Air Or Studio?

Do you want to explore the world or travel light for your next outdoor creative process?

Do you want to create in a studio and work with fewer materials?

Do you prefer Plein Air or Studio work? If so this article will interest you!

Clairefontaine Competence Aqua set


There’s no need to load up when you’re a remote artist.

When working like this there are several things you can achieve:

  • discover new sources of inspiration
  • meet and exchange with new people
  • get out of the studio routine
  • create works of art out of your comfort zone
  • Helps you to develop as an artist

The Clairefontaine brand offers a well thought-out set for people who like to move around and create outdoors.

Competence AQUA set contains a plain dark grey folder (to customise at will) and a drawing set. This set is very clever as it allows you to archive, transport and protect your works and tools. This is one of the best way to practice drawing, sketching, graffiti and calligraphy and to take care of all your designs.

Plein Air session to work differently – Set AQUA A4

Inside the Competence Aqua Sets 1 or 2, you will find :

Clairefontaine Aqua Set (A4 size)

GOOD TO KNOW : These products are currently available at GreatArt Online or in the art supply shop in London Shoreditch..


Of course, if you are a homebody artist, you can afford this set while fully embracing your true nature in the studio or at home.

Being away from the hustle and bustle of the world is the perfect opportunity to be with your inner-artist, to express yourself in colour, to test new inspirations and different techniques in your creative cocoon.

Set #2 AQUA contains :

  • 1 A5 watercolour paper pad of 10 sheets,
  • 1 Crok’ book of 24 sheets black,
  • 2 Molotow Aqua Brush markers,
  • 1 Folder

Plein Air or Studio | My Creative inspirations

Clairefontaine Aqua Set (A4 size)

Clairefontaine Aqua Set (A5 size)

GOOD TO KNOW : Pencils and tank brushes are not included in the Clairefontaine AQUA set.

GOOD TO KNOW: 2 Molotow Aqua Colour Brushes are included in the Clairefontaine AQUA Competence Set.

Clairefontaine Aqua Set (A5 size)

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