Unlock your Inspiration

Unlock your Inspiration

How to unlock your inspiration with Instagram

Do you ever start a drawing and in a moment, you find yourself stuck and it’s like your mind has gone blank half way through? It really can feel like your inspiration is lacking all of a sudden!

You’re not alone, I sometimes run out of ideas for hairstyle or styles of clothing when making my portraits.

I have a very simple tip to unlock my inspiration.


Photographing an unfinished design and continuing it on Photoshop or Canva, can be the trick you are looking for. No need for two coats of gesso to whiten everything and start over, digital technology allows you to try different ideas in a few clicks before launching yourself armed with brushes or pencils back into the original work. It’s a great way of saving of time, and you can save yourself a lot of paint too.

You might not have this software at hand so there one other great way to do this…

The last tool that I use is … INSTAGRAM !!!

Instagram can be perfect to use as graphics add-on software!

I’ll explain the method a few lines below.


Using tubes of gouache and a few water markers, I draw a portrait on a sheet of paper.

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I am considering several options for hair and clothing, but I cannot decide on my choice.

As I don’t want to spoil my drawing, I opt for the “zero damage” solution!


I pick up my phone and open my Instagram app.

With my finger, I click on the STORY tool indicated by the small camera located at the top left of the screen.


In this post, I’ll teach you how to hack the STORY function to make your work in the studio easier.

From the STORY screen, I photograph my unfinished drawing. I find it in one click on my phone screen (see image below)!

To create original stories, Instagram provides its users with what to draw, erase and colour directly on the photos.

In the main menu at the top of the screen, I select the pencil tool and the colour of the stroke to start looking for inspiring hairstyle and clothes (see image below).

As if by magic, the screen serves as a tablet. I have fun drawing the rest of my character with my finger.

If I need to change the style of the portrait, I erase recently added elements with a single gesture.

I try different solutions by saving the photo each time to keep the idea in my phone.

That’s it, I found the combination that will serve as a guide when I go back to continue on my original piece that I have started.

This trick avoids many mistakes in painting and can be applied for the creation of landscapes, abstract works or drawings! Creativity has no limit!

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The passion of Amylee Paris, painter, consultant and author is to share her paintings between galleries, art collectors and her community. Beyond her pictorial skills and her several eBooks available online, Amylee is also recognized as one of the most influential francophone artist-entrepreneurs. She helps beginners or professional artists to optimize their artistic activity.

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