How to paint and make dyes using Crepe Paper

How to paint and make dyes using Crepe Paper

Here are some new tips to remember to make sure you can have fun at home or at school. Some fantastic ideas to keep the kids busy.

How do you Paint with Crêpe Paper?

I recently tested a new technique: transforming water and crêpe paper into a coloured juice.

Creating a coloured juice? What a funny idea!

Some Tips to Remember

Creative mums may already know this amazing trick.

On contact with water, crêpe paper releases its dye, much to the excitement of little hands and faces. You can use the dyes for painting or dyeing but you will see a guaranteed magic effect with this technique!

You Will Need:

Step 1: Cutting the Crêpe Paper

• First, I add some water into several cups.

• Using a pair of scissors, I cut small pieces from crêpe paper.

Step 2: Mixing Colours

• I add coloured small pieces of crêpe paper in its corresponding cup.

• With a spatula, I mix the water and the small pieces of paper.

• I leave to stand for 2 or 3 minutes so that the paper releases its dyes into the water.

Step 3: Tests on Watercolour Paper

• I make my first brush tests on watercolour paper.

It is ideal is to work on thick paper. FYI, I also tested this technique out on Layout paper. It’s a shame because the colours stand out well but the paper is too thin and curls quickly when water is applied.

GOOD TO KNOW: If the colour is not dark enough, I add more crêpe paper pieces.

Step 4: Demonstration & Inspiration:

The coloured juice does not react like watercolour paint.

The colour of the juices remain desaturated, flat and uniform.

Unlike the bright colour of the crêpe paper, and that of the mixture in the cup, the coloured water applied on the watercolour paper is blander but still beautiful.

GOOD TO KNOW: this new tip is for family fun. I do not guarantee the durability of the colours over time.

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