Silicone Brushes and Colour shapers

Silicone Brushes and Colour shapers

The silicone shaper is fantastic for painting, drawing, gluing, and sculpting. Have you tried them? Amylee tells us why she loves them!

silicone brushes

Silicone Colour Shaper & Spalter

A clever mix between a brush and a knife, the colour shaper allows you to have fun with paint and textures, and offers a variety of different shapes and firmnesses.

Oil paint, acrylic, gouache, glue, nothing can resist it. It’s solid silicone tip is easy to use and maintain (just a little water and soap to clean up).

Popular and versatile, the silicone tips are made from a specially developed rubber compound that adapts to all techniques.

silicone brushes

The range is available in different shapes, in several sizes and hardness.

The choice of tip depends on the effect you want to achieve! In an ideal world you will have a small range of tips to please your different techniques.

  • Round cup tip

This colour shaper allows you to work on sketches, blends, outlines, and soft edges.

  • Chisel cup tip

This colour shaper allows you to work on in-depth details, imprints, 3D effects, impasto,  and modelling, but also to refine a sculpture in clay or Fimo.

  • Conical tip or Taper point

This colour shaper allows you to sketch. When using thick textures (in paint or gel), you can draw in the material.

  • Flat chisel tip

This colour shaper allows you to mix colours, and work on solid layers, backgrounds, glazes, and small graduations, and also to spread drawing gum.

  • Angle chisel tip

This colour shaper allows you to work on precise lines, minute details, and points.

  • Wide flat tip

Also called a spalter due to it’s spatula shape, this colour shaper’s flat tip allows you to work on large surfaces: shading, solid colour, large graduations, and uniform glazes with ease, but is also ideal for applying glue, or varnish. The silicone spalters are available in several tip widths but also in curved flat tips.

GOOD TO KNOW: With the silicone finish there are now accidentally lost hairs to spoil a gradient!

silicone brushes

The colours of the tips

Depending on the hardness, each colour shaper can add volume to the material (paint, modelling paste, textured gel).

·       Ivory tip

Soft tip for soft techniques (oil pastel or dry pastel, watercolour, charcoal and soft body textures)

·       Grey tip

Firm and responsive tip,  for elastic techniques (soft body texture: acrylic, oil, gouache)

·       Black tip

Extra-firm tip, for techniques with lots of volume (heavy body texture: paint impasto, clay, fimo)

silicone brushes

My favourite brands

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silicone brushes

silicone brushes

Amylee ParisContent provided by Amylee Paris

The passion of Amylee Paris, painter, consultant and author is to share her art between her art galleries, her collectors and her community. Beyond her pictorial skills and her several ebooks available online, Amylee is also recognized as one of the most influential francophone artist-entrepreneurs. She helps through her blog beginners or professional artists to optimize their artistic activity.

You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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