The Secret to Painting Perfect Stripes

The Secret to Painting Perfect Stripes

The Secret to Painting Perfectly Sharp, Stripes

Do you need to paint a stripe with a nice, clean edge in your next artwork?

Do you know how to keep paint from bleeding under the tape?

Yes, maybe, not sure?

Here is a great tip every artist should know!

To get satisfying results, don’t miss out on this great tip to stop paint from bleeding under your tape. I’ll share it with you now.

Amylee Paris

You Will Need:

Amylee Paris

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The Method:

  • I stick my tape down on my painted background.
  • To prevent the paint from bleeding under the tape and damaging my stripe, I paint the existing colour used for my background (purple here) first, over the edge.
  • I let it dry.

Amylee Paris

  • Once it’s dry, I paint the new colour (pink here) over the top.

Amylee Paris

  • I remove the tape and there we are! You have a nice, clean edge.

Et voilà, what a beautiful stripe!

Amylee Paris

GOOD TO KNOW: It is best to use good quality masking tape with low adhesion. It comes off easily without removing any paint.

Stripes with Irregular edges:

If the pink colour paint is added without the background undercoat (purple one here), we can see bleeding has occurred under tape (see line b).

Amylee Paris

Perfect Sharp Stripes:

Amylee Paris

  1. WITH AN UNDERCOAT – Line a.

And now you know the easy way to stop paint from bleeding under your tape.

This content was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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