How to make your own Grunge Brush Stroke

How to make your own Grunge Brush Stroke

A new brush stroke that will mess with your tidiest artworks… Amylee, the queen of of new ideas has struck again!

Amylee Paris

How to Make Your own Grunge Brush Stroke

If like me you are constantly looking for artistic effects to create with your brush strokes, and easy ways to make the materials create your vision, you’ve come to the right place!

Did you know there’s a very easy trick for creating a cut, textured, discontinuous pattern with one brushstroke?

An original brush stroke with disjointed and anarchic lines, and a ruffled touch. An effect that would certainly please Kurt Cobain. Today, I present you with the trick of the Grunge Brush!

The Idea

The origins of the “Grunge Brush” can be found in the artistic library of graphic software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and others. It’s an easy effect to apply with digital brush or pencil tool.

In addition to graphite, charcoal, blur, watercolour, or marker stroke, there is the GRUNGE BRUSH STROKE.

Amylee Paris
Grunge Brush Stroke Selection in Illustrator

The “grunge brush stroke” effect is not only available via computer; it can be easily reproduced in front of easel in a simple way. Here is the method!

Amylee Paris

You will need:

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GREAT TO KNOW: Brushes with flat heads or long hair are very useful for this kind of method.

The Method

  • With one hand, I take my old brush and in the other hand, I take my scissors.
  • After opening the scissors, I slide the brush in and place the head so that the blades hit the middle of the brush hairs.
  • While cutting intermittently, I remove the cut hair with my fingers.
  • And now, my brush has a new “haircut” perfect for a grunge effect!
Amylee Paris
Brush (low quality) bought in a grocery store 

Demonstrations with Acrylic Paint

Amylee Paris
I prefer using this trick on very damaged brushes.

New haircuts for my brushes!

GREAT TO KNOW : If you don’t want to cut the hair of your brushes, there are brushes with notched points ready to use here.

Amylee Paris
Drawing with new flat tip brush and notched tip brush

And now, it looks the same as on Illustrator!!

The less water added to the paint, the more the grunge effect comes out. Our old brushes are going to interest us again.

Here, suddenly I want to sing: Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be...” Oops sorry, now you have the song in your head!

This content was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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