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Zentangle Art

Zentangle Art

A fun and relaxing new method, Zentangle Art is easily achievable by everyone. Amylee tells us all about it in a swirl of monochrome “artsy lace”!

Zentangle Art: The Concept

Anyone who has never doodled on a notebook while listening at school, during a phone call or in a long meeting please raise your hand high?

Welcome to the club, you’re using Zentangle without knowing it!

For several months, I have become interested in Zentangle Art. A phenomenon that is gaining more and more exposure on social media.

Where did Zentangle Art start?

Created by 2 American artists Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, Zentangle® is a new method that combines creation and relaxation. See their website here

Differences Between Zentangle® and Mandala?

Unlike Zentangle®, which adopts unstructured random graphics, the Mandala is based on a circular, organized format with more symmetrical drawings.

DID YOU KNOW? Zentangle is a patented method. To offer courses or workshops around the Zentangle, creators Rick and Maria ask people to take a patent to acquire the official and Certified Zentangle Teachers CZT.

Zentangle® Users

Ultra easy and handy for everyone. No need to know how to draw to have fun with Zentangle art.

The Creative Process of Zentangle®

The Zentangle is used to create two-tone “graphic embroidery” composed of repetitive shapes, geometric and/or curvy, linear arabesques, abstract or semi-abstract random doodles.

To express oneself in Zentangle, one then uses paper tiles.

Benefits of Zentangle®

  • It’s a relaxing and entertaining activity
  • regain inner calm and increase concentration
  • stimulate and unlock creative abilities
  • exercise the brain and mind (with emotional and cognitive benefits)
  • indulge in a personal, intimate and unique environment
  • enjoy a moment for yourself and focus on the present
  • trigger new thoughts by promoting a sense of well-being
  • achieve satisfaction and the feeling of artistic success

DID YOU KNOW? Before going to bed Zentangle helps to stop stress, clear negative thoughts and cure insomnia.

Let’s Draw!                                         

My favourite “fineliners or blackliners” for the this method are:

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This new content was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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