How to Hang and Keep your Painting Secure

How to Hang and Keep your Painting Secure

Once again Amylee delivers us one of her many simple artist life hacks! This can be helpful in some situations!

How to Hang & Secure a Painting in an Exhibition

I like to exhibit my paintings.
In addition to presenting them in art galleries, I often show my paintings in public places (hotels, reception halls, concept stores). Spaces where the supervisory is much less optimal than in an art gallery.
Over the years and art shows repeated at unusual venues, I ‘ve developed habits and tips to optimise the hanging of my painting and deter theft.

The Smaller the Painting, The Bigger the temptation

During exhibitions outside my art galleries, I noticed that paintings of a small size, like 7×7 inch to 19×19 inch could be victims of theft.
With  little attention from the monitoring staff, these small paintings can slip easily into a shopping bag too quickly.
To avoid this kind of problem, I use a hanging system with a built in deterrent!
Secure a Painting
You’ll need:


  • 2 or 3 brass bells

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The Step by Step for the Double Link

  • First, I add this hanging system to the back of my painting (picture 1 below).

GOOD TO KNOW: My easy way of attaching paintings to the wall: A strong string + 2 screw eye hooks put in the wooden frame of the painting (picture 1 below).
Secure a Painting

  • Then, I add the double link to the back of my painting. Using a pair of pliers, I cut about 36 inches of wire.
  • Then I slide one of the ends of the steel wire into the ring of one of the two Screw-In Ring Eyelets (used to hang the painting). I loop with the wire and firmly tighten.

Secure a Painting

  • The other end of the wire will be used for the wall.
  • FINALLY I wrap the other end of wire around the body of the screw in the wall. I squeeze it very tightly as the head of the screw must prevent the wrapped wire from slipping.

Secure a Painting

  • Now, I can hang my painting on the wall. Remembering to carefully hide the wire behind the painting.

Secure a Painting
To quickly steal the painting, it would be necessary to either use cutting pliers or to pull the nail or screw out the wall entirely.
GOOD TO KNOW: If your work is not hung on a wall, but displayed on an easel, the final step will be slightly different because the second end of the wire will need to be fixed to the wooden bars behind the painting.

My ‘Sound’ Tips

In some exhibition spaces, I added 2 or 3 bells to the wire before fixing in place.
A noisy trick that cancels any discretion (and attracts attention) when someone is trying to quickly unhook a painting.


This system of attachment is a deterrent technique; but I cannot guarantee it will be 100% theft proof…

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
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