PEER is an independent arts organisation that has evolved from the ground up over the past twenty years. During this time they’ve been putting down deep roots within the socially,  culturally and economically diverse area of Hoxton in East London.

Jade Fadojutimi at PEER ,Photo – Stephen White

PEER’s core ethos is to embed its activities into the local community and to offer and promote the highest quality art as being part of daily life.

“We have done this through our ambitious programme of projects. We’ve worked with nearly 150 artists, writers, curators and educators over two decades.”

Abigail Reynolds at PEER, Photo – Stephen White
“It is also our ambition to nurture and provide a platform for the talent of a diverse range of emerging, mid-career and established artists. Thus enabling them to take new risks.”
Past and recent examples include important commissions with Mike Nelson, Bob & Roberta Smith, Siobhan Hapaska, Fiona Banner, Emma Hart, Jimmy Robert and Catherine Story, to name but a few.
Smile Please, Simon English, Installation View 3, 2018, Image -Jackson White
PEER’s big aspirations and modest size play key roles in securing their place within the broader London art ecology. They offer both emerging and established artists the opportunity to test bold ideas in an intimate environment that stimulates experimentation and dialogue.
“Our human scale makes us less bureaucratic and opaque in comparison with many larger institutions. Artists cherish the opportunities that PEER has to offer, and the position that we occupy within the art world.”
GreatArt are very pleased to offer their support to PEER, helping to continue their program of community workshops. You can find some of their upcoming events and workshops on our Art Events Calendar.
If you’d like to learn more about PEER please visit

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