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Flashe Vinyl Acrylic

Colour Trends with Flashe Vinyl Acrylic

Colour Trends with Flashe Vinyl Acrylic

Why be limited only to colour when you can also play with effects and trends? You may have noticed that art brands are offering more and more colours with amazing effects like Flashe Vinyl! New colour trends are easy to adopt, and ideal for giving your palette an original and modern twist.

Flashe Vinyl

Amylee’s Top 5 Effect Paints from Flashe Vinyl Acrylic

My idea for writing this post came from Lefranc & Bourgeois Flashe Vinyl Acrylic Paints. I really like this range. I must say that the Flashe has quite exceptional properties because it has remarkable pigmentation and a matt finish and produces permanent, flat colours that clean easily with water. It also offers colour effects that will amaze you. This was the case for me!

Velvet Paint

After drying completely, the velvet effect (similar to a gouache result) has a perfect matt appearance which helps give intensity and depth to flat colours.

Flashe Vinyl



Flashe VinylThe list of swatches would be too long (better to go here to see more), Therefore I’ll just mention my favourite colours.

  • Prussian Blue
  • Red Ochre
  • Ruby Red
  • Emerald Green

Iridescent Paint

The iridescent paint adds a sparkling effect and incomparable metallic finish. Because the colours play with the light they become lighter or more intensified according to the angle of view. Combine them with deep and dark hues because this will produce a more striking effect.

Flashe Vinyl

Colour range :

  • Light Gold (Iridescent)
  • Deep Gold (Iridescent)
  • Copper (Iridescent)
  • Bronze (Iridescent)
  • Stil de Grain Green (Iridescent)
  • Parma Rose (Iridescent)
  • Cinder Blue (Iridescent)
  • Green Grey (Iridescent)
  • Rose Grey (Iridescent)
  • White (Iridescent)
  • Silver (Iridescent)
  • Nickel (Iridescent)
  • White (Iridescent)

Fluorescent Paint

Fluorescent paint brightens the colours and brings a touch of pep to the entire palette. It has a semi-thick texture that is appreciated for fluo. Ideal to wake up your painting!

Colour range :

  • Fluo White
  • Yellow
  • orange
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Green

Pastel Paint

Powdery pink, water green, and sky blue are becoming more and more common artists’ painting colour ranges because of influences from interior design. Of course you could create a marshmallow atmosphere yourself by adding a touch of white, but the ready to use shade is so convenient and it also helps you keep the same colour throughout the creative process.

Flashe Vinyl

Flashe Vinyl

Colour range :

  • Ivory
  • Venetian Red
  • Source Green
  • Cinder Blue
  • Rose Ochre
  • Pebble Grey
  • Green Grey
  • Pastel Violet

Holographic Effect Paint

What I think is missing is a rainbow-coloured paint to complete the Lefranc Bourgeois range, For instance, I would love to see a pink, a blue or a white rainbow multicoloured reflective paint! This is a suggestion I’m offering to the Research and Development Office of Lefranc Bourgeois!

Painting with LeFranc & Bourgeois Flashe Vinyl | 5 Points to Keep in Mind:

  1. Use brushes with thin and very flexible hairs because this will help you to achieve simple flat colours.
  2. 2 layers are sometimes necessary to counteract the lack of opacity (this is especially true for the metallic, iridescent and fluorescent paints).
  3. In addition, always look at the tube label to check the opacity of a hue. (see illustration below).
  4. During drying, additional layers can be applied without taking off or damaging the first layer.
  5. After they’re completely dry, painted layers can be covered with acrylic or gouache markers like Posca, Amsterdam, Molotow

Flashe VinylLabel indicating the quality of the paint: transparent, semi-opaque, opaque

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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