How High should you Hang your paintings?

Are you looking for guidance when exhibiting your art? Do you still have questions about hanging artworks on the wall? Amylee’s article will definitely be useful to you!
 hanging paintings

How High To Hang Paintings?

The answer is always very different whether you’re hanging a painting in a staircase, above a cupboard or a bookshelf. Today, I will focus on hanging on a straight wall. A situation frequently encountered at an artistic event (art show, showroom, booth, reception room).
At some exhibitions, I often find that non-experienced artists hang their paintings, photos or illustrations far too high. As if they were afraid that the public would touch or damage them when passing by? Maybe they also think: “the higher it is, the safer it is”.
Today, let’s take a look and put our ideas back to the “right height”…

Photo Seth / Unsplash

Welcome in the Art Zone!

In an art exhibition, paintings are arranged in such a way as to greet the visitors. The attraction of an artwork then triggers the natural approach of the spectator who wishes to take in more details.
When approaching, the spectator enters the art zone. The same area that an artist uses when they are creating in front of easel. A painting can be seen from afar, but it is better understood when closer. (47 inch even, 120inch if it’s large format).

Hung Too high hung = several weaknesses:

  • it is less eye-catching.
  • provides an uncomfortable situation for the spectator who is obliged to bend his neck backwards
  • it distorts the vision and perspective (the bottom seems bigger than the top). A distortion even more visible when looking through the camera of a smartphone.
  • the work lacks visual coherence and shows amateurism: “hung high, less professional”.


Hanging Paintings
Photo Gilber Franco / Unsplash

1 exhibition = 1 wall + 1 painting


I consider spectators visiting and mostly standing in my exhibition space, so when I hang my paintings I ensure that their centre is placed between 59 inches and 62 inches from the ground. Art galleries and museums favour this average height for all their exhibitions.

  • NOTE: If this place includes spaces to sit or discuss, it will then be necessary to review the height of hanging, leaving 5” to 11.7” above the back of the chairs or sofas. The reason is very simple. This avoids people touching the bottom of the work with the back of their head (while sitting).
Hanging Painting
Photo Deanna J. / Unsplash

How to find the centre of the painting?

Visualize 2 diagonals from one corner to the other on the painting. The crossing of these 2 diagonals is a very good reference to check the centre of a painting.
Hanging Paintings

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