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What to write on the back of your painting?

What should I write on the back of my painting?

What should I write on the back of my painting?

This question is often something to ponder. Thank you Amylee for all these answers! And you, what do you write on the back of your artworks?

What to write on the back of your painting?

What kind of information should I write on the back of my painting?

When buying or selling a painting, it is important to look at the back as well as the front of the artwork. Usually, the back side contains important information. It is also very useful when assessing a work of art.

Do not forget that a work of art may travel during its lifetime: changing owner or even country. The artist will not always be there to talk about it. The artwork must be able to « speak » for itself. Regardless of the creation (canvas, sculpture, photo, etc.), once completed, it is recommended to include some information on the back of a canvas or on the underneath of the base of a sculpture.

What can we write on the back of a unique and original creation. Follow me, this article will certainly interest you.


There aren’t any rules or conditions for the information you add to the back of a painting. We would just suggest you have a bit of common sense. It’s complete up to you, you can leave the back of the work completely blank (although it will remain silent throughout the years and travel) or be inspired by the suggestions below:


  • Title of the artwork
  • Your artist nickname or your real name
  • Date of completition
  • City and/or country of residence


  • A special message for the buyer
  • Date of restoration if canvas has had some damage


Personally, I also add the nature of the materials used for the painting. Lots of people believe I paint with oil paint. But I only paint with acrylic paint and varnish.

  • acrylic paint, oil pastels, gold leaf, glossy varnish, linen canvas

On the back of your painting


DID YOU KNOW? Some artists reuse their canvases if they cannot buy new ones. We then notice a second painting at the back. This surprise can significantly increase the value of the artwork!


To add information on the back of an artwork, I would recommend using an acrylic paint, or a much stronger oil paint, than black ink markers (water-based or solvent-based). The black ink does not sit well on the raw textile fabric (present on the back of the painting) and can yellow and fade over the years. I saw it on several paintings made at university!


GOOD TO KNOW: I use acrylic bottles with a pointed tip which is much easier. These ones write much more easily than with a brush soaked with paint. Here are some very practical suggestions:

·       Darwi bottle (acrylic paint)

on the back of your painting

·       Liquitex Bottle (acrylic gouache paint)

on the back of your painting

·       3D-Liner Paint, Marabu (textil paint)

on the back of your painting

·       Acrylic marker Molotow or Liquitex

on the back of your painting

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Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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