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Amylee's Favourite Tapes

Amylee's Favourite Tapes

An essential for the studio: adhesive tape. Amylee tells us about these 5 favourites. What are yours?
 Amylee's Favourite Tapes
My Favourite Adhesive Tape For Artists
“What is obvious to some may not necessarily be obvious for others.” I often have this sentence in mind when I choose my articles. Recently, I was speaking with a self-taught sculptor in the midst of a reorganization of her studio.
She asked me which rolls of tape she should have on hand. You know, those that are used to troubleshoot the inevitable, and adapt to almost any situation.
Interesting question! There are all kinds of self-adhesive tapes in different colours, from the most tear-resistant, to the most astonishing ones. I have gathered the 5 most important ones. The rolls that I use very regularly. I sharing this list with you, and I am sure this will be useful!

5/ Adhesive Transparent Tape

Amylee's Favourite Tapes

  • transparent adhesive tape (matt or glossy finish).
  • exists in small or large rolls in several widths.
  • As essential in the office as in the studio for fixing item together, wrapping a small gift box, or joining a thin surface of paper or cardboard.
  • adheres perfectly to paper, cardboard, plastic (removes with more or less marks depending on the brand used).
  • good resistance to moisture.
  • cuts with the pair of scissors, cutter or dispenser. You can use a hand dispenser for large rolls.

GOOD TO KNOW: I often use transparent adhesive in large rolls to make small bags! A practical idea that avoids the loss of too small items.
Amylee's Favourite Tape

4/ Adhesive Packing Tape

Amylee's Favourite Tapes

  • polypropylene tape without solvent.
  • exists in a large roll of the same width (50 mm) with or without reinforced tape.
  • Ideal for securely sealing and packing packages, for shipping or moving packages containing artworks.
  • adheres perfectly to paper, cardboard, plastic (sometimes brown residues of glue may appear after removal).
  • good resistance to moisture.
  • cut with scissors, cutter, hand dispenser.

GOOD TO KNOW: I always strengthen the corners of my parcels with brown tape. The corners are very vulnerable during a journey.
Amylee's Favourite Tapes

3/ Adhesive Masking Tape

Amylee's Favourite Tapes

  • adhesive finely creped paper tape (more or less smooth), vanilla white (also exists in blue and green).
  • exists in large rolls in several different widths.
  • recommended to protect paint (hide a surface) or for packaging. (The green FROGTAPE has more masking power than white).
  • adheres perfectly to paper, cardboard, plastic, wood (allow for up to 10% stretch).
  • removes without any trace on a rigid, smooth surface (unlike soft surfaces).
  • good resistance to moisture.
  • cuts easily with your fingers.

GOOD TO KNOW : Regarding packaging my paintings, I like to use masking tape with bubble wrap. I write on the tape that it can be cut with the fingers. This avoids the use of sharp blades that can come into contact with the artwork during unpacking.
Amylee's Favourite Tapes

2/ Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

Amylee's Favourite Tapes

GOOD TO KNOW: I stick two pieces of double-sided tape to prevent my ruler from moving too much during a clean cut. To make the glue less adherent on paper or cardboard, I rub double-sided pieces on jeans or a cloth.
Amylee's Favourite Tapes

1/ Washi Tape

Amylee's Favourite Tapes

  • Japanese paper tape, light, flexible, coloured, plain or patterned.
  • exists in small rolls (widths: 15 mm or 5 mm)
  • adheres perfectly to paper, cardboard, plastic (zero glue residue after removal).
  • to decorate illustrations, cards to cover boxes, wrap gifts, but also to create decorative accessories: lanterns, shades, fans, etc.
  • good resistance to moisture.
  • Tears easily or cuts with scissors, or a cutter.

GOOD TO KNOW: I use washi tapes in the decoration of my certificates of authenticity, my labels, my cards or simply to fix my freshly received postcards on the wall.
Amylee's Favourite Tapes
Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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