Wild Life Drawing

Wild Life Drawing

A Wild Life Drawing class is a drawing class with a difference; instead of human life models, they sketch animals and nature.

This project was founded in 2014 by Jennie Webber, a London-based artist and animal lover. “I believe that the act of taking time to draw animals evokes a real empathy, because the artist has a chance to observe all the beautiful details, natural behaviours and the individual personality of the animal. No matter what age you are, interacting with real animals is always a magical experience! It is my hope that Wild Life Drawing continues to reconnect those living in cities with the wonder of nature through creativity, in the hope that it will encourage more people to protect our planet and it’s animals.”

Wild Life Drawing

Wild Life Drawing

What can I expect from a Wild Life Drawing Class?

The drawing classes are open to all ages and abilities, from beginners to advanced. Their aim is to inspire appreciation and understanding for the natural world through creativity. Attendees draw and learn about the animals, their habitats and distinct characteristics.

The classes are relaxed and friendly, and always begin with handy hints on how to draw animals from life. There is also creative guidance available to anyone that needs it. Paper and plenty of drawing materials are provided, though attendees are to bring along additional media and colours if they want to.  All art materials provided at the class are environmentally friendly and suitable for vegans.

Classes may take part at:

  • London’s city farms
  • nature reserves
  • aquariums
  • or botanical gardens

Wild Life Drawing also work with carefully selected animal handlers, and charities to sketch animals in lovely locations such as:

  • The Natural History Museum
  • Somerset House
  • Dulwich Picture Gallery
  • Royal Academy of Arts.

Wild Life Drawing

Wild Life Drawing

Drawing Classes that support Wildlife and Animal Welfare

Wild Life Drawing is proud to support charities including the Sea Life Trust, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, British Hen Welfare Trust, and Farms not Factories to name a few. Their work raises money and awareness for welfare and conservation issues around the globe. Wild Life Drawing also promotes the mental health benefits of creativity and the calming effect of spending time around animals and nature. They have run a series of successful private drawing workshops for NHS groups, and charities supporting those suffering from addictions.

Animal welfare is always their highest priority. We ensure all animals attending the classes are comfortable around humans and in different environments, and they are always accompanied by their experienced handlers. For every class, part of the ticket sales goes directly towards benefiting animals. Whether that’s a donation to the charity, or to help the handlers to rehabilitate rescue animals and rehome unwanted or mistreated pets.

You can take a look at this BBC film to get a sense of the class.

To find out more about Wild Life Drawing and sign up for classes, visit them at

Wild Life Drawing

Interested in Life Drawing? Find different upcoming classes and workshops on our events page!


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