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Chewing Gum Man

The ‘Chewing Gum Man’ Art Trail at GreatArt

The ‘Chewing Gum Man’ Art Trail at GreatArt

A new reason to visit the GreatArt shop in Shoreditch, London! We’ve now become the proud hosts of a trail of permanent artworks by artist Ben Wilson! Our very own ‘Chewing Gum Man’ art!

Who is Ben Wilson?

Ben is a wood carver and environmental artist who is well known for his unusual street art that can be spotted all over London, on the pavement and underground!

Known affectionately as ‘The Chewing Gum Man’, Ben has been creating small scale paintings for over 10 years, turning discarded rubbish into something beautiful because it brings people joy when they spot it. He paints what he sees, and what triggers his imagination, but a lot of his subjects come from requests and stories from people he meets while out working, leaving them a small personal commission on the public street.

The Chewing Gum Man

Chewing Gum Man

Ben Wilson’s In-Store Art Trail

Ben has created more than 10,000 miniature artworks on discarded chewing gum and miniature tiles all over the city, and now you can spot some of his famous street outside and inside GreatArt London.

The Chewing Gum Man spent 3 days painting in-store and hiding his work, so now you could possibly spot them:

  • on our store furniture
  • outside the shop
  • on some of the products themselves!

The Chewing Gum Man

The Chewing Gum

Ben Wilson’s work will remain a permanent installation at GreatArt London for our customers to enjoy. We look forward to your visit!

Did you spot any Chewing Gum Man Art?

Which one is your favourite? How many did you see? Let us know on instagram with #mygreatart!

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  • Ben was such an inspiration. He gave me motivation to keep going with my art.
    Thank you very much for inviting him.