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Working with Canvas Boards

Working with Canvas Boards

Do you want an affordable way to start painting? Do you still hesitate between different media? Have you tried a canvas board? Amylee has rediscovered this painting surface!

What is the advantage of a canvas board?

The canvas board is a great surface, relatively stable and ready to paint. Made of thick cardboard covered with a white canvas, this surface is ideally suited for oil, tempera, acrylic, gouache, traditional or mixed media techniques. As you can see, the canvas board allows us to explore all the aspects of our creativity.

Product Description:

  • White canvas 100% cotton mounted on thick cardboard.
  • Nice medium grain surface, primed with a low absorbency universal primer.
  • Acid-free cardboard, 250gsm and rigid.
  • Lighter, thin support, easy to store
  • Available in several formats: rectangular, square, circular or oval.
  • Less expensive than stretched canvas on wooden frame

For Who?

Useful for beginners, students or children, this liberating support can create even when our hand is not practised.

For professional artists, canvas board remains perfect for tests, sketches or all preparatory paintings.


My Shopping For My Studio:

  • Clairefontaine canvas board (white or natural colour)
  • Gerstaecker canvas board (sweet prices)

Most of these products are currently available at GreatArt Online or in their art supply shop in London Shoreditch.


My favourite: Circular Canvas Board

In the canvas boards range, the circular canvas board remains my favourite one! Inspired by the tondo (in Italian “rotondo”) commonly used by Renaissance artists, the round size is not a recent innovation but allows for the most modern ideas. Like a bubble hanging in the air, these paintings make it possible to free oneself from the square format and find a new way to work.

Some Disadvantages ?

Sure, especially one! As its name suggests, cardboard remains paper, its main enemy is moisture and strong changes in temperature. Also be careful not to overload the cotton side with heavy materials or really thick paint. After completely drying and also over time, the cardboard will tend to pull and bend. To repair this type of inconvenience, a frame (with or without glass) puts everything straight!

How To Hang A Canvas Board?

Space-saving and very light, yet the canvas board can quickly be frustrating when you want to hang it to the wall. Here are 3 suggestions to add to the back of the board, 3 tips that always help me:

  • REMOVABLE TIP – Removable mounting tabs (velcro tape strips)
  • EASY TIP – Paperclips + extra strong adhesive PowerTape (stuck with glue gun can also do the trick)
  • RECYCLING TIP – Can tab stuck with a glue gun.

NOTE: For the last 2 tips, I will write a post if you want a tutorial illustrated and detailed, do not hesitate to let me know by commenting bellow.

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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