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Marker Hacks you need to try!

Marker Hacks you need to try!

Amylee’s fun and Creative tip for Markers

Learn how to customise broad tip paint markers to create a new way of drawing! It’s really easy and fun!

I carve my pencils, so why wouldn’t I carve my marker as well?
This strange idea came to mind after having used a marker with broad tip. I found the mark a little boring and I wanted to have more fun with it…

I had a pen cap on my desk so I then started using it to carve the tip to create a new one. Wow, it’s crazy, now when I draw…it changes everything! I can draw original or multiple lines in a single gesture. A very useful tip for hand lettering or graffiti!
Here is my step by step guide.

PREP TIME: 1 min


1/ You NEED

Most of these products are currently available at GreatArt Online or in their art supply shop in London Shoreditch.
The idea way is to work with brand new markers to avoid getting paint on your fingers (otherwise use latex gloves).

  • Take your marker and pull the rectangular tip out of the plastic body.
  • hold the small block of foam between your fingers and with the other hand use your tools to carve the tip.
  • The foam is difficult to cut, the texture can cause it to fray. So, to carve it, DO NOT remove or cut the foam, instead compress it to reshape it.

  • Press on the sides or in the middle of the rectangular shape, enjoy creating a new toothed shape.
  • Take the marker and put the tip back in its place.
  • Now, you can start drawing, after pumping up and down on the tip.

GREAT TO KNOW – The tip of big markers is easily removed. There are 2 usable sides A and B. I keep one rectangular side and I shape the other so and I can switch them according to my needs.

GREAT TO KNOW – to avoid damaging my freshly formed tip, I start my marker with the tool held under the foam tip. Once the tip is soaked with colour I can then use my marker properly.
After use, the paint in the foam will dry slightly and help maintain the toothed shape.


You wish you had illustrated examples? Here we go, just for you!

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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