Hanging paintings without damaging your walls

Hanging paintings without damaging your walls

If you are hanging a painting or a frame on a wall, this is the best way to ensure it can be safely removed without damaging the paint. A great solution to know!

Many of you often ask me this question. I am writing this article to answer collectively all those who are interested in this topic. You could be renting a property or just not really comfortable with DIY, and you want to hang a painting in your studio or in other rooms of your apartment without damaging the walls. It’s possible.
Have you heard about removable mounting tabs?
These tabs are self-adhesive and leave no glue or residue when removed, allowing you to hang pictures without tools or fuss, and remove them without damage.

  • Decoration : studio or any room
  • Level : easy
  • Prep time: + 1h

Have you heard of removable mounting tabs?

  1. self-adhesive strips
  2. velcro tape strips
  3. plastic strips (used to remove from the wall)

Hanging paintings without damaging your walls

1/ Hanging materials you need:

Hanging paintings without damaging your walls


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Did you know?

  • Removable mounting tabs are available in different formats (1.8kg, 5.4kg or 7.2kg).
  • It’s best to stick the removable mounting tabs on a flat, clean and dry surface (wait at least 7 days for a freshly repainted wall).
  • To have a more adherent surface and better support stick the mounting tabs onto wide edges.
  • Avoid walls with irregular, damp surfaces and sources of heat that can soften the adhesive.

2/ How to use hanging materials?

To avoid any risk of falling, you need to apply 4 mounting tabs at the 4 corners on the back of the painting.

  • Unpack 8 tabs from the package. Separate into pairs of 2, and fold them one over the other. You should hear a significant noise. A kind of click that tells you that the 2 Velcro parts are securely attached.

Hanging paintings without damaging your walls

  • Do the same again for the 3 other pairs.

Hanging paintings without damaging your walls

  • Take the back of the painting. Remove one adhesive strip backing from each of the pairs and stick them to the 4 corners of the painting.

Hanging paintings without damaging your walls

  • Remove the other remaining adhesive strip backings, and using a level spirit, place the painting on the wall in a level position. Once correctly placed on the wall, stick the painting to the wall firmly, with all your strength and push for at least 30 seconds.

Hanging paintings without damaging your walls

  • Remove the painting by carefully pulling the bottom of the painting up towards the ceiling so as not to remove all mounting tabs from the wall. Be careful with this action.
  • Push again on the mounting tabs on the wall for 30 seconds or so and leave it to rest for 1 hour at least.

Hanging paintings without damaging your walls

  • Here we go, 1 hour is over, and you can officially hang your painting. You should hear the little click of the scratch…

3/ Some inspirations from Amylee’s studio!

Hanging paintings without damaging your walls

Isabella 60x30cm (1.8kg) – Asia 110x75cm (7.2kg)

Top tip: you can use masking tape to help you to line up your mounting tabs both on the wall and on your painting.

Hanging paintings without damaging your walls

How to permanently remove mounting tabs?

  • Remove your painting and pull the 4 remaining mounting tabs off by gripping the tab at the bottom and pulling downwards.
  • Be careful, pull downwards and not towards you so as not to damage the wall you took care of all these years. The strips will stretch longer, twist and be removed without any strength. Once removed, you can’t reuse the strips and adhesives.

4/ Amylee’s checklist when hanging paintings:

  • A perfect solution for hanging paintings which avoids holes in the walls.
  • Be sure to read the instructions to use them efficiently.
  • Removing the mounting tabs won’t damage the wall, but only if they are pulled off downwards.
  • Adhesives stick very well to very different types of wall. They are fantastic, no painting has fallen yet !

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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