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Amylee's Marker Pouch Tips and Ideas

Amylee's Marker Pouch Tips and Ideas

What’s inside Amylee’s marker pouch?

In this new post, Amylee shows us her preferred selection of travelling markers and drawing tools. You will find in the post a list that will inspire you in order to make your own selection!

The below selections are ideal when you start an illustration class, a long journey or simply have the desire to have a small mobile studio in the bottom of your bag. Amylee’s shopping lists will help you to identify the best material to use for drawing, colouring and creating.

Amylee's Marker Pouch Tips and Ideas

Did you know?

Most markers listed here can be found individually. A good way to check their suitability in the studio before buying a whole set. You can create your own “palette of markers” by choosing different brands available on the market.
You will certainly have favourite pens and colours. For me, it’s:

  • Pigment Marker bright yellow,
  • Tombow blush pink,
  • I LOVE ART green anise A22,
  • Ecoline turquoise (called green blue).

1/ Ideal markers for sketches

(Quick Drawing) doodles, story board

Amylee's Marker Pouch Tips and Ideas

2/ Amylee’s favourite markers for outlines

(Indian ink & grey) outlines, dots, drawings

Amylee's Marker Pouch Tips and Ideas

3/ Recommended markers for colours

(Alcohol-based) permanent ink, colouring

Amylee's Marker Pouch Tips and Ideas

4/ Ideal markers for watercolours

(Water-based) can be diluted, gradients, calligraphy

Amylee's Marker Pouch Tips and Ideas

5/ Amylee’s favourite markers for white highlights

(Acrylic-based) high covering paint

Amylee's Marker Pouch Tips and Ideas

6/ Recommended markers for the astounding and the “wow” effect

(wow effects) metallic or glitter ink

.Amylee's Marker Pouch Tips and Ideas

What would you choose for your markers pouch?

I prefer it soft, quite wide and always transparent. It’s easier to find the colours like that. You can find a great one in the make-up departments. The mesh-bags are also really practical!
There are also marker cases available, but if like me you work with different types of markers you will have several sizes and diameters as well. Your marker range may not match with the securing spaces available in these kinds of case. Most of these products are currently available at GreatArt Online or in their art supply shop in London Shoreditch.

Amylee's Marker Pouch Tips and Ideas


Hey, I hear you say to me: “What about paper, how do I choose?”I think that’s enough for now, long lists are always quite boring. I will write a post really soon on this topic. Let’s stay connected!
Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram
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