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A new idea for String Gel

A new idea for String Gel

A new DIY from Amylee Paris!

TA short tutorial, because we like them here at GreatArt! Simple and effective, and a nice way to highlight the fantastic works of Alexander Calder, who we’re also fans of!

Today, Amylee will be exploring portraits with string gel.
“Colourless and odourless and the consistency of honey, this gel is often used in the abstract technique of dripping, so allows for many possibilities. Here is a very different one.
I assure you with this mini tutorial, this gel will not give you any trouble. You will quickly learn to play like a pro!”

LEVEL: easy

PREP TIME: 5 min


TECHNIQUE: acrylic ink

CLEAN UP: soap and water

You will need :

This material is currently available at GreatArt Online and can be ordered to collect from their art supply shop in London Shoreditch or delivered to your home.

Let’s go !

  • Cut the cup in half.

  • In the bottom, pour some string gel (around one third of the glass and add 2 or 3 pipettes of coloured ink.

  • Stir gently to get a homogeneous mixture.

  • Using adhesive tape, stick both sides of the glass to make an Aladdin’s lamp shape (see tip below).
  • And here you are, ready to draw. Take a sheet of paper and release your creativity!

💡 My super tip

Over time, I learned how to improve my tools for the string gel. I make a small spout with the plastic cup, scissors and tape. A very easy tool to make the string gel more manageable.

And it woooorks!


Do you know Alexander Calder, the sculptor who drew with wire in the 30’s?
Well today, he is our source of inspiration to achieve great portraits!

Good to know:

  • A large format surface is recommended for a more fluid and ample gesture.
  • Excellent technique for working with spontaneity, and letting go
  • Facilitates the synthesis of shapes with speed of execution
  • Works with just one string like a wire
  • No possibility of editing, so you will have to get on with it!

The content for this post was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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