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Acrylic Pouring and the 'Swipe' Technique!

Acrylic Pouring and the 'Swipe' Technique!

Amylee’s ‘Swipe’ Technique

If you are a beginner to acrylic pouring, this is the easiest way to create interesting cells without using a blowtorch. Let me introduce you to the ‘Swipe Technique’

In my last post on acrylic pouring (also known as DIRTY POUR), many of you wondered how you can make beautiful cells WITHOUT the use of a blowtorch.
With acrylic pouring, it is possible to create beautiful cells without adding any heat. There is an equally effective solution: SWIPING!
+ at the end of the post: 3 BONUS tips!

LEVEL: easy

PREP TIME: 15 min

CREATION: 5 to 10 min

TECHNIQUE: acrylic paint

CLEANING: water + soap

You need:


  • Latex gloves
  • 1 basin or 1 tablecloth for protection
  • (for my 3 super tips below) 1 jar of Liquitex black lava and Cléopâtre Bright glassification varnish

Most of these products are currently available at GreatArt Online or in their art supply shop in London Shoreditch.

  • Get each colour ready in a plastic cup! (easiest way is to cut the cup in two).
  • For the mix, I give the prep in detail in this post (this link). Just follow the rule of the thirds: 1/3 paint + 1/3 pouring medium + some drops of water with pipette to get ta good texture. The paint should be fluid and stringy like the below image.

  • Add Magic Plop or silicone oil (2 to 8 drops depending on colour) and mix it very slowly.
  • Let rest several minutes to let the bubbles disappear.

  • One by one empty each cup on the wooden panel.
  • Use the spalter to ‘swipe’ the paint.

  • Within seconds, lots of cells appear. It looks like a flower field, that’s magical!
  • Within 30 or 40 seconds, I got this result…

GOOD TO KNOW: In order to direct the fluid colour and recover the whole panel, tilt the panel to the top or the bottom.  If some space is not recovered, you can use a brush or your fingers.
My top tip #1:

  • If you don’t have a spalter or large spatula, you can use a piece of bristol paper or an old business card instead.
  • proceed with the same gesture, swiping once only from left to right or top to bottom. Here we go!

Cells appear only when using 1 swipe!

GOOD TO KNOW: as long as the paint is fresh, and still a bit fluid, cells are not definitive and stable. They can change and reshape themselves before drying completely.
My top tip #2:
BLACK LAVA –  It is a texture gel which can be mixed or applied as finishing layer. Once completely dried, this gel becomes transparent, bright and adds texture and relief. It looks like a beautiful magma effect!

My top tip #3:
BRIGHT VARNISH – On dried paint, with paper towel I wipe awau the oily surface sometimes left by silicone oil and apply 2 or 3 layers of glassification varnish to brighten the artwork.

The results in my studio:

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
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