Free In-Store Events: Artist Residency with ITAEWON

Artist Residency with ITAEWON

Saturday 17.11.18 to Sunday 18.11.18

Itaewon envelops his audience in his imaginary compositions using a delicate balance of colourful arrangements combined with geometric line work and broken perspe​ctive.

At 13, he moved to South Korea, where he began painting on the streets and in studio. Seoul was his main inspiration, which moulded his his loud and energetic abstract style. His name was taken from the area of the city in which he spent nights painting and skating.  Upon returning to the UK he settled in London where he now resides.

Itaewon’s style distinguishes sound, light, movement, and power. A fascination with the macro and delicate structures in nature led him to explore the beauty of natural intelligence. His paintings touch on a range of themes including Sci-Fi, otherworldly landscapes, micro-cosmic structures and energetic overflowing biological forms

You can visit Itaewon in our front of house area throughout the weekend while he creates new pieces. To see more of his work please visit his website. You can also follow Itaewon on Instagram.

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