Free In-Store Events: Artist Residency with Jazmin Velasco + Montse Gallego

Artist Residency with Jazmin Velasco + Montse Gallego

Friday 19.10.18 to Sunday 21.10.18
10:00 to 19:00 Friday+ Saturday |  12:00 to 18:00 Sunday

Both Jazmin and Montse are inspired the hidden magic around us, the wisdom of ancient cultures, the inner power of women and the power that has to be rediscovered, developed and evolved to give something back to the world. This residency coincides with the Day of the Dead festival, celebrated in Mexico since Pre-columbian times when it was actually at the beginning of summer. Once the Spanish arrived, almost all aspects of life, religion and culture fused and transformed including the date of this ancient ritual.

Montse being from Spain and Jazmin from Mexico will work together and see how through the days of discussion, and working in the same space will bring alive a celebration of unity.

Otomi Indians make paper from the inner bark of ficus trees and sorcerers cut out magic figures that could be either benevolent or malevolent spirits to use for different purposes like asking rain from the Gods, to have an abundant harvest or for chasing away spirits and curing a variety of ailments.

During the residency Montse and Jazmin will endeavour to connect with some stories of people we know and try to make a spirit or a healing figure out of this person. It can be in response to anything they hear through the 3 days, things that need healing of help from the paper figures. They will then make a hanging display of the floating spirits and build a Day of the Dead altar with them.

About Jazmin Velasco

Jazmin is from Guadalajara where she studied graphic design and illustration. Since  then she has moved and studied in Mexico City and moved to London to establish herself as an artist, printmaker, ceramist and illustrator. She is regularly selected for the National Print Exhibition and twice for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. Her prints and ceramic pieces are in galleries all over the UK.

This residency has been organised in partnership with Hundred Years Gallery, which is only a short walk from GreatArt at 13 Pearson Street, London, E2 8JD


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