Free In-Store Events: Artist Residency with Anne-Claire Fleer

Artist Residency with Anne-Claire Fleer

Saturday 13.10.18 to Sunday 14.10.18


Anne-Claire Fleer is a bold and energetic abstract expressionist and fine art body painter who uses canvas, body, photography and paper to create her unique pieces of art.

Her art is colourful, chaotically structured and contrasting, her approach is intuitive and her main media acrylics,oil pastels and spray paint.

She aims to create unique experiences for her customers by giving them a day to remember, exploring how their bodies blend into her artworks on canvas. To make the experience one not to forget she uses her photography skills to make it last forever. Those anonymous photographs of the body then form the basis for more art and more exploration available to the public.

In short her art process works as follows:

1) Create bold and energetic abstract action paintings on canvas

2) Bodypaint model in same style, let model blend into the background. Available to anyone who’s interested

3) Photograph body blending into artwork – abstract photography

4a) Create original abstract art on photographic paper with bodypaint photographs as base layer

4b) Create bodypaint collage on paper, re-using peeled off bodypaint

During her residency Anne-Claire will create originals abstracts on paper with bodypaint photographs as base layer as well as collaging peeled off bodypaint.

“I create art to experience freedom, using colors to say what I can’t express in words. Being able to share that part of myself and involving my viewers to find their own story is what drives and excites me!”

Visit Anne-Claire in our front of house area throughout the weekend.

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