Art Macabre

Art Macabre

Art Macabre are a creative events company. They inject a lethal dose of curiosity on one hand and theatricity on this other hand. Art Macabre focus on drawing and mark making.

Art Macabre were founded in 2010 and are directed by events producer Nikki Shaill. Over the past eight years Art Macabre has inspired thousands of participants to pick up a pencil and explore the darker side of arts. Art Macabre stand indeed apart from your average life drawing experience with:

  • imaginative themes,
  • diverse models and subjects,
  • unique locations,
  • and cultural collaborators.

Art Macabre

Regular original activities…

Based in Hackney and Peckham, Art Macabre run events, exhibitions and also workshops across the UK and abroad too. For instance they offer weekly weekend workshops in East London basement bars and monthly collaborations with many of the UK’s top museums, galleries and heritage institutions’ Late events. They also offer special after-dark events in Victorian cemeteries, crypts or summer festival fields.

Art Macabre

Art Macabre especially believe that everyone can enjoy drawing, sketching, doodling or scribbling. When they are  given the right inspiration and encouragement. They especially strive to be body-positive, feminist, LGBTQIA+ welcoming and of course inclusive in all that they do.

Want to find out more and get involved? Then visit to check out all the latest and upcoming events and workshops. @ArtMacabre Instagram

Art Macabre

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