Free In-Store Events: Drawing without Looking

‘Drawing without Looking’

with Jason Atomic
Saturday 11.08.18 + Sunday 12.08.18 – 14:00 to 17:00

Drawing without looking at the paper helps you to remove your ego from the drawing process and free you from the preconceptions that hamper the capturing of an accurate likeness.

In these special life drawing sessions Jason Atomic will show examples of sketchbooks from his collection, demonstrate his techniques and share tips on producing quick and accurate likenesses.

You will be guided on drawing each other and models, both still and in motion, to demonstrate how ‘drawing without looking’ can be used to assist with drawing moving targets in low light conditions such as models in fashion shows or musicians at concerts.

Each session has a maximum of 12 participants with all materials provided, however please feel free to bring and use your own sketchbooks.  To sign up for these sessions please visit Eventbrite or our Facebook page.

About the Artist

In 2008 Jason Atomic set an unofficial World land speed record for portraiture at the National Portrait Gallery sketching 42 full length, clean line portraits from life in one hour. 

Atomic is a regular host of life drawing group The Art Model Collective, and has demonstrated his quick sketch portraiture skills in live performances around the World. He is also a curator of group shows and a creator of underground comix.

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