Free In-Store Events: Life Drawing Revolution

Life Drawing Revolution

with Aaron Jacob Jones
Saturday 28.07.18 – 13:00 to 18:00

Create a beautiful spinning animation from a series of life drawings!

In this unique workshop, two clothed models will pose on a rotating platform, giving you the chance to turn a drawing of each angle into an exciting looping animation.

Experienced tutor Aaron Jacob Jones will be on hand with artistic guidance and drawing tips, helping you to capture each angle as consistently and accurately as you can, as well as guiding you through the technicalities of this challenge, ensuring your animated results are the best they can be.


Use the same materials, colours and scale for a magical seamless animation or mix it up a little for more creative results – you’ll be surprised at how great it looks when you start to put them together! Even the quickest and messiest sketches will blend together to create the illusion of spinning movement.

At the end of the session, Aaron will show you how to turn your drawings into a unique spinning animation, ready to post on Instagram or Facebook! We’ll be using an app on your own smartphone, although we will have spare devices available if you don’t have one.

This workshop takes place in the GreatArt doodle area, so to ensure there is sufficient space for each participant to get their best results, this workshop has a maximum capacity of 12 people. This is a fully instructed, 5 hour drawing and animation session with all drawing materials provided.

To book your space please sign up through Eventbrite, or our Facebook page.

About Aaron Jacob Jones

Aaron is a trained animator and professional illustrator, who’s passionate about life drawing. He enjoys introducing artists of all levels to the thrill of seeing their work move for the first time.

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