Free In-Store Events: Artist Residency with Ana Pallares + Carla Delgado

Artist Residency with Ana Pallares + Carla Delgado

29.06.18 to 01.07.18
10:00 to 19:00 Friday + Saturday 12:00 to 18:00 Sunday

Ana Pallares will be returning to GreatArt for second residency as part of the progam of events organised for ‘The Exhibition’ 28th June – 8th July at Hundred Years Gallery, celebrating the art created by their artists at the GreatArt store in 2017.

Ana Pallares is a painter and poet from Barcelona who discovered urban art at the age of 15 and continued to explore different artistic practises such as painting, illustration and poetry. She has exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, Brick Lane Gallery, and Lacey Contemporary, as well as Hundred Years Gallery.

Carla Delgado is a street artist and art therapist with a passion for the arts and an interest towards vulnerable people and how we can improve their living standards.
Her focus has shifted towards art as a tool for social inclusion. “I am apply minded and I use the knowledge that I have gained through my personal and professional practice innovation, using different techniques and methodologies depending on the needs of the group of people I am working with”

She has experience in artistic mediation (art as social transformation, inclusion and community development), and has worked as a volunteer in social intervention projects through art in Barcelona. In addition she has worked with different groups of vulnerable people: children with difficult familiar conditions, people with down syndrome, adolescents with drug addiction, people with mental heal issues and people affected by ischemic stroke.
Her current goal in London is to enhance and broaden her knowledge in order to tackle issues related to social intervention within the city.

The artists have decided to work with the theme: OUTSIDERS TRYING TO GET INSIDE… BUT, WHAT FOR?…

“This residency will be a celebration and a reflection of how madness nurtures art and how sometimes art can also nurture madness. In artist’s careers, creativity can be very intense and mind-blowing.”

For Ana Pallares

“When I was 19 and diagnosed as bipolar (a diagnosis that has changed a bit since then), I remember that one of the first things I did was to search on Google about some of my idols’ mental health. It helped me a lot to see that so many creative people were related to this kind of suffering.”

“One of them was Edgar Allan Poe. I just have read his “The Raven” and his words impacted me so much that since then he is one of my references. I would love to read more of his other books but before that, I need to get ready since my paranoia could arise after the reading.“The Raven” was a poem which touched me so deeply that I have already done some other works inspired by it. “

“For this residency I have chosen to portrait Edgar Allan Poe as he was one of the creative minds which disorder helped me, in terms of his art and hurt, in terms of living with them.”

For Carla Delgado

“At the moment I am working on a new project called TROPICAL PUNK, which is an expression about how I understand art and life. The roots of the project are based on street art using acrylic, markers, pencils and collage. For the residency I might experiment with some new techniques and materials.”

This residency has been organised in partnership with Hundred Years Gallery, which is only a short walk from GreatArt at 13 Pearson Street, London, E2 8JD

This residency compliments ‘The Exhibition’ taking place from 28th June to the 8th July, with a full progamme of events available at

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