Free In-Store Events: Artist Residency with Natalie Anastasiou

Artist Residency with Natalie Anastasiou

Saturday 09.06.18 to Sunday 10.06.18

Natalie graduated from Chelsea College of Arts with a Masters in Fine Art in 2016 and has since been working from a studio in Clapham Common, London.

Natalie’s art practice decontextualises and dislocates eccentric characters from magazines and film stills to form untold narratives through painting and video art.

Left: A Day Without Rain; Right: The Sun is Trying to Kill the Moon © Natalie Anastasiou

“Appropriating the real into the surreal, my paintings depict characters on the edge. Using aesthetics as a mask I transport them into a whimsical purgatory where they almost become ornamental in form. Capturing the opulence and excess of contemporary culture and addressing the gap between our growing self-awareness and social disconnection. ”

Lines of Calm © Natalie Anastasiou

During her time at GreatArt, Natalie plans to experiment with some new materials, looking at the relationship between paint and pen and how they can transform a traditional painting into a contemporary mixed media portrait.

To find out more about Natalie and her work, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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