Free In-Store Events: Artist Residency with Joy Miessi

Artist Residency with Joy Miessi

Friday 01.06.18 to Sunday 03.06.18

Joy Miessi will be joining us for a 3 residency working on a large scale triptych piece in acrylics. This residency is the first organised from the successful proposals received during our January 2018 open call.

left: Cola; Right: Where I Was Invisible © Joy Miessi

Specialising in illustration, with an interest in experimenting with a range of materials, Joy’s work translates moments, conversations, feelings and intimate thoughts into visual pieces, in order to be able to reflect on them.

“Each image triggers a memory, a moment in time, and is usually quite intimate and personal. Themes such as race, gender, and sexuality are reoccurring throughout my work. My work is a self-documentation of my life and experience as an individual from the diaspora. I was born in the UK and have been raised in an environment that was Congolese at home and British outside of that. I interpret my feelings and preoccupation with these themes through writing. Creating text-based work articulates my experience as a black person in the UK and my journey of understanding origin, race, and its intersection with British culture. I use a range of processes such as drawing, painting, and collaging to compose pieces that make references to my everyday life here in Britain, crossing cultures through the use of hand type, inspired by Congolese shop fronts, to create work that reflects my identity and viewpoint as an artist affected by the history of diaspora.”

Left: Do You Know Your Middle?; Right: 8 Cups © Joy Miessi

Joy’s residency takes place ahead of her solo exhibition ‘Do You Know Your Middle?’ at 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning 6th – 27th July 2018. We’re very pleased to give her the chance to create new work and engage with our customers ahead of her upcoming show.

You can learn more about Joy Miessi and follow her work online at or through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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