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Meet our Partners: Art Model Collective

Meet our Partners: Art Model Collective

Art Model Collective

Art Model Collective was founded by artists’ models Manko Sebastian and Carla Tofano to give them the opportunity to hold sessions with a high level of creativity for both artists and models.

Life Drawing has exploded in London with sessions being held in every other pub most nights of the week. They are now offered as part of stag & hen dos, tutored or untutored, on weekdays or weekends, for professionals or beginners and in locations as diverse as the Royal College of Art, strip clubs or supper clubs. It is the perfect, affordable activity for individuals or young couples to take up or as a way for professional artists to keep their eye in.

And on the other side of the coin there is a wide variety of ways in which sessions are run, as well as varying levels professionalism and experience of models used. Art Model Collective models Manko and Carla have over 20 years of modelling experience, posing for artists such as Rodolfo Villaplana, Chris Guest, Nick Cuthell, Anastasia Pollard, Lola White, Simon Davis, Shane Wolf, and working at The Royal College of Art, LARA (London Atelier of Representational Arts), The Royal Academy, Art Academy and London Fine Arts, to name a few.

Art Model Collective is unique in that it is run by models for models, always taking into account what artists need and want throughout the creative process. It was founded with the intention of allowing models to take on the leading role and to step into more conceptual and organisational territories. The result of this ethos is that AMC hold events with themes as diverse as classic nude sessions, comic book heroes, tributes to artists, dialogues with exhibitions, films, literature and even political events. They have worked in close cooperation with live musicians, fashion designers, writers and fine artists, and the sessions always include a minimum of two models. But most of all Carla and Manko use AMC to let their hair down, allow creative juices to flow, push their bodies to their limits and to have fun.

Over the last two years AMC have held over seventy sessions in many venues, ranging from small intimate rooms to the RA Lates Summer Show. Their most regular venue and residency is The Underdog Gallery in London Bridge where the welcoming space is already familiar to a significant amount of artists that regularly join the sessions, chasing the opportunity to challenge their own stylistic boundaries and observational skills. The sessions at Underdog Gallery are held every other Tuesday and regularly attract over thirty artists – which is close to capacity – in a spacious venue that provides big tables, sound system, good lighting and sometimes – depending of the theme – an incredibly appropriate stage.

Art Model Collective is currently expanding their range of venues and events to keep spreading the life drawing fever everywhere they go. Our new collaboration helps them to provide a fantastic variety of art materials for their sessions, catering for drop-ins and first timers as well as the more forgetful regulars! To help celebrate our partnership they will be holding a free session at GreatArt in June, so stay tuned for details!
For Life Drawing inspiration and information about upcoming sessions, follow Art Model Collective on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Full details, and their extensive and varied portfolio, are also available on their new website

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