DIY Floating Glass Frame from Amylee Paris

DIY Floating Glass Frame from Amylee Paris

Looking for the perfect DIY floating glass frame?  Forget mat and wood cutting and acid-free framing tape, this idea sandwiches your work between two panes of glass for a floating effect!

Your walls seem a bit sad? Have you seen this current trendy idea? Frames created using two pieces of glass (also called herbarium frame).
Are you interested in this topic? Choose frames of different sizes and present your favourite artworks. An idea easy to reproduce, and not expensive.

The Use of glass for framing

When framing with glass, it is normal to use a glass that protects from UV as well as damages that occur due to the touch, the dust, the humidity and insects.
It is common to use a frame in a traditional way, with a backing (cardboard or similar). But we can also customize a frame, by replacing the background with a second piece of glass.
These timeless frames with transparent effects subtly highlight artworks by:

  • changing the décor of a place
  • suspending or displaying an eclectic collection of Art
  • play with an accumulation of colours
  • create a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ like atmosphere

Amylee’s top tip: When framing between glass, I cheat a little (Ooooh naughty girl that I am). For the front, I use a glass pane and for the back I choose a Plexiglas (or clear plastic pane) to lighten the weight of everything.
DIY Floating Glass Frame from Amylee Paris

Framing between glass – 3 ideas:

Do you want to frame between glass? Several solutions are available:

  1. Without a gap – Put the artwork on paper directly between the 2 panes of glass.
    Recommended for ink drawings, photographs, postcards, digital prints, dried plants or flowers, feathers (herbarium).
  2. With a mini gap – Add a ready-cut mount, then put it between the 2 panes of glass.
    Recommended for fragile artworks like dry/oil pastels, pencil or chalk to avoid the transfer of pigments on the front glass.
  3. With a large gap – No contact between the 2 panes of glass.
    Recommended for artworks with more thickness or high relief, inspired by the 3D Box.

Important note: To keep watercolour artworks safe, it is recommended to add a ready-cut mount before the glass (especially if it is for a long time, in an exhibition gallery or for a customer). In my art studio, the decoration is temporary, I change very often my frames and the artworks displayed. I have had no damage yet on my watercolour artworks.

Floating glass frame – suggested tools:

DIY Floating Glass Frame from Amylee Paris

DIY Floating Glass Frame from Amylee Paris

Amylee’s top tip: For frames that are not too heavy, you can make a chain with paperclips or safety pins.
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Easy Ppeasy DIY project

1 / Suspending

  • After unpacking the box, turn it over and lift up all the back points inserted into the wood. Now remove the front glass and the backing board so you only have the bare wooden frame.

DIY Floating Glass Frame from Amylee Paris

  • On the top edge of the frame, insert 2 eyelet screws (see example just below). Be careful not to over-tighten the screw to the head, leave the unthreaded part out of the wood to prevent it from splitting.

DIY Floating Glass Frame from Amylee Paris

2/ Transparent board

  • Use the backing board as a template. Put it on the PVC sheet, trace your marks and cut the PVC. That’s it, the new transparent background is finished!
  • Place your artwork on paper in the middle of the PVC background. The size must obviously be smaller in order to leave transparent edge around the outside. On the PVC, hold the paper in place with plastic photo corners (or adhesive sticky dots).

DIY Floating Glass Frame from Amylee Paris

  • Take the wooden frame, replace the glass + PVC sheet (with the artwork already on). Lower the back points to hold everything tight (see the picture below).

Amylee’s top tip: If you see too much of the back points, do not hesitate to cut 1 or 2mm off with a pair of pliers.

DIY Floating Glass Frame from Amylee Paris

  • To complete the frame. Add a chain, a string or other strong link to facilitate the suspension.

DIY Floating Glass Frame from Amylee Paris

Some pictures from Amylee’s studio:

DIY Floating Glass Frame from Amylee Paris
DIY Floating Glass Frame from Amylee Paris
Wooden frames to paint in the colour of your choice.

Pictures: Gerstaecker Umbria wooden frame & Gerstaecker Nielsen golden Frames

Did you know? Before creating your work, first get the framing material, then note the frame size on your paper and start work on it. This is so you do not waste time looking for a frame that matches the size of your work.

DIY Floating Glass Frame from Amylee Paris

Glass hanging frames can be banned from some art fairs. If you want to exhibit an artwork under glass, always check the regulations before.

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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