Free In-Store Events : Artist Residency with Montse Gallego + Jill Rock

Artist Residency with Montse Gallego + Jill Rock

Friday 18.05.18 to Sunday 18.05.18

Montse Gallego and Jill Rock will be using their time at GreatArt to further explore the theme of memory, and how it constantly influences not just the content, but also the materials, the expression, the intention and the process of creating an artwork.

The residency will run along side an exhibition of the artists’ works at Hundred Years Gallery where their finished pieces will also be displayed.

Montse Gallego is the director of Hundred Years Gallery and has been for the last 7 years.

” Memory is what links us to terrestrial life, to the sense of space & time and to all rational processes. Without it, we would live just the present, discovering the world and its wonders at every breath bump but turning us incapable of survival. Memory creates and re-create us constantly, adding pieces to its infinite puzzle every second. Being selective to avoid such overwhelming information, memory is also creative, building a different universe in each mind. That is why memory is both what unifies us and what separates us, and that unbelievable gift of uniqueness brings us back to the Creator’s throne.

In the particular piece ‘Tree’ that Jill Rock selected for this project, memory in the form of pages of my diary being printed and blown up on different types of paper, joined together, and over painted, over written, overlapping each other… has transcended its primal purpose (personal reflections) to help me to find another type of memory that exists beyond me: the one of the archetypes & symbols, the one that belongs to the collective memory and doing so, reaching easily to the viewer. 

My own memories were not the subject of the painting but the object used to open the door : ‘just forgetting, we are able to reach the essential knowledge’.

-Montse Gallego, November 2017

Both Montse Gallego and Jill Rock are also taking part in a group exhibition on the same theme at St. Pancras Hospital 4th May 2018 until July 2018.

“It was nearly a year ago since we first started to plan the MEMORIES exhibition in the
corridor outside the Memory and Trauma clinic at St Pancras Hospital. I have observed, read, listened and considered how my memory works in different situations. What I have found is that my memory is visual and tactile, with colour working as an emotional catalyst. It is my internal 3D brain map. “

“The objects in the ʻMEMORY CLINICʼ fall into 2 categories: those that invoke memories that help in my daily life, and then my more complicated art works are the result of a process of ʻforgetting in order to rememberʻ, and in some cases I have not yet unravelled what the work might have been about! I leave them unresolved so that people may make their own connections. The main outcome is the growing realisation that in my case memory might be triggered by the objects but the real value lies in the relationships which they invoke in my mind and the way I live my life.”

-Jill Rock, MRBS FRGS

This residency has been organised in partnership with Hundred Years Gallery which is only a short walk from GreatArt at 13 Pearson Street, E2 8JD

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