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Craft Labels: Sharing little details

Craft Labels: Sharing little details

from Amylee Paris

looking for the perfect craft label? Stop your search here. Amylee offers us 3 great ideas for creating your own labels! Lets get started!

Attention to small details always gives the greatest pleasure! I have seen this many times with my art buyers or collectors. I always take care with my paintings or packages that I send, using a neat communication represents me.In branding, pricing, inventory, identification, gifting and special events, I use craft labels more and more. It’s the perfect tool for informative messages and for expressing your creativity as well.If the subject interests you, here is a nifty little article offering you 3 ideas to personalise your custom paper labels with love.

Craft Label: sharing feelings & details
The craft label (in this case) is designed to be both attractive and functional. This is usually the first identification of the artist to the buyer before and after unpacking the artwork. A multifunctional tool, which can contain various useful information (ex: history of the product, contact, instructions, price …), the addition of a label brings a professional touch to all our communications.

GOOD TO KNOW: A label is always reads more than a leaflet. I prefer this kind of format for sharing important messages.

Different colours & different shapes
I have a personal preference for the round craft tag, but also for the rectangular one called the « American tag ». It is easily recognized with its 2 upper corners cut, and its reinforced hole with an eyelet. It has a beautiful retro side that goes well with watercolour paints!
Suggested Tools & Materials:

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3 Craft Tags Inspirations:

Idea #1: A « Thank you » gift tag
Because each time it opens smiles and hearts.

Idea #2: A « Made in » Hanging label
Because it is always special for a collector or a gallery owner to know how a work of art is made.

Idea #3: A “Warning” hanging label
Because it is useful to know the right way to hang or clean a work of art.

TOP TIP: A craft label can take different shapes (flower, butterfly, heart) on different media: cardboard, plastic or recycled materials.

The content for this post was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
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