Free In-Store Events: Artist Residency with Julie Ann & Julia Maddison

Artist Residency with Julie Ann

& Julia Maddison

Friday 27.04.18 to Sunday 29.04.18

Artists Julia Maddison and Julie Ann have walked the streets around Great Art and Hundred Years Gallery gathering information.  For this three-day residency, they will bring a large-scale map of the area, which they will gradually add to and modify by making work in various media, using a wide range of materials.  Interested visitors to the shop will be encouraged to experiment with the materials provided and add their own ideas and memories to the map.

On the Saturday and Sunday, there will also be an opportunity to walk and talk from 14:00 to 15:00, collecting images, mental and recorded, finding stuff and sharing thoughts, all with a view to creating a visual response and producing a litany of marks and objects that will enhance what is hoped will eventually evolve into a reflective, personalised and even visionary map of the area.  The intended route will take ther group past the Hundred Years Gallery, where where it will be possible to drop in to see Julia and Julie’s installation, The Sisters of Indiscretion.

The walking groups will be lead by Julie Ann and small sketchbooks and pencils will be provided.

About the Artists

Julia Maddison

Largely an installation artist, Julia Maddison’s work deals with lies, longing, memory, sickness and sex. She is slowly piecing together a museum of domestic misery, collecting and reworking the flotsam of forgotten lives. She has exhibited widely, including a solo show based on Maeve Brennan’s Novella ‘The Visitor’, in Germany,  and ‘Most Loved Most Far’, an installation about the death of her mother, at the Herrick Gallery in Mayfair last year. She curated ‘I am ready for you, darling’, a show about history, secrets and sex in an abandoned shop in Kings Cross and was last year’s Artist-in-Residence at Stephens House in North London.

Julie Ann

Since completing an MA in Fine Art at Middlesex University (where she met Julia Maddison) in 2012, Julie Ann has participated in numerous group shows in London. She draws and paints often from observation and mainly figures in space – usually nothing too determined but open to chance and with a sense of something happening in time and place or something just below the surface. She is also interested in walking as art, medium, practice and form and likes to collaborate on installations, responding to a site or a theme and using found objects and various media.

The Exhibition at Hundred Years; The Sisters of Indiscretion:

London artists, Julie Ann and Julia Maddison, will use a wall of the gallery as a giant scrapbook, displaying images and objects; specially made, collected or found. The installation will revolve around the dialogue between the two artists, who have much in common – but also find themselves at odds with each other in their artistic practices and most other aspects of their lives. This dialogue is also part of a much wider discussion about women; what has changed in the past 100 years since we were given the vote? “We are celebrating the fact that we are now allowed to be indiscreet; we can shout, we don’t have to hide. ”

“The title of the show, The Sisters of Indiscretion, came to us after a visit to a local convent..We were filled with admiration for the members of this community – but, obviously, we are not nuns ourselves; the installation will be a celebration of our freedoms, and raise questions about our choices as artists and middle-aged women. The photographs, drawings, notes, scraps and seeming fripperies will strike a chord with the careful viewer.”

There will be a Question & Answer session in the gallery on Sunday 6th May.

This residency has been organised in partnership with Hundred Years Gallery which is only a short walk from GreatArt at 13 Pearson Street, E2 8JD

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