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The Story of the Fashion Illustrator

The Story of the Fashion Illustrator

by Amylee Paris

At GreatArt we provide a huge range of art materials for all kinds of personalities and ways of working. From the most hurried to the most fastidious creative person, not matter what you create!

“In London, I often people watch in the tube, it’s my Parisian side coming out! Several weeks ago, I was sitting in front of a young girl who was sketching and painting in her notebook. Her superb style was carefully researched, her hairstyle and makeup was quite strong and amazing. She was very pretty with her hat! She seemed like Chiara Ferragni, I would say.

She made me think of fashionista Bloggers/YouTubers or these young fashion designers who attend fashion shows or fashion week in the hope of finding the magic idea or being spotted!
I discreetly looked at the art material she was using and I wanted to share it with you.”

The Fashion Illustrator

As Anna Wintour said: “Fashion is always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.”
Therefore, for a Fashionista, the worst that can happen to her is to waste time or to arrive too late. To avoid any loss of this precious time, the fashionista “artist” appreciates portable, compact, combined equipment, the 2 in 1, the one that saves a few seconds between two appointments when working on an illustration.


✩ Watercolour Box “Clutch”

Is it a watercolour box set or a clutch bag? It is misleading when you think about it. Its modern design and pop of colour could easily have been seen in a Jeremy Scott fashion show! A new generation of opaque watercolours (a bit like a gouache paint) in a very practical box that travels everywhere!

  • Boxes available in 12 or 24 round pan.
  • + 1 opaque white tube + 1 brush + 1 palette with compartments + 2 removable water bowls
  • brand: Pelikan
  • Watercolour box set : available here

✩ “Aqua Squeeze” Brush Pen

We love this brush that looks like the clear Perfecto designed by Comme des Garçons. Its cap protects the tip during travel and its transparent reservoir allows for the filling of a few drops of water or ink.

✩ “Ready To Use” Grip Plus Pencil

A pencil ready to use. Just as pleasant to write with as to draw, this Faber-Castell Grip Plus 0.7 propelling pencil is provided with several very resistant leads (spring-loaded 0.7mm B grips) and an extra-thick built-in eraser.

✩ “chop chop” Masking Pen

Refillable masking pen, ideal for watercolour and especially for working in highlights. Thanks to its tip, the drawing gum is applied in a thin layer, dries quickly and is easily removed.

✩ “USK” book

Never without my book” the motto of a fashionista, especially if it’s an artist or an illustrator! The essential tool for all kind of inspiration. The sketch book is always ready to jump from the bag. The amazing thickness of the paper makes it possible to work in both dry and wet media. Its non-fixed binding (folding like an accordion) allows for easier exposure (once the work is completed).

  • Black cover, super thick paper, multi-techniques 340 gsm, size: 10 x 15 cm,  the unique folding design allowing it to be unfolded and positioned in a panoramic format.
  • Brand : Sennelier
  • Urban Sketch Book : available just here

These products are currently available at GreatArt Online and can be ordered to collect from their art supply shop in London Shoreditch or delivered to your home.

The content for this post was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook.
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