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'Exhibit Here' at Stour Space

'Exhibit Here' at Stour Space

‘Exhibit Here’

Exhibit Here is a new initiative aimed at local artists interested in showcasing their work, without the formal boundaries of a white box gallery.

In partnership with Great Art, artists are invited to curate a large wall in Stour Space’s popular cafe, with a new exhibition being painted directly on the walls every 3 months.

Located in an area of rapid redevelopment, Stour Space endeavours to support and promote the value of creative enterprise to people of all ages and abilities. For the first installation of the Exhibit Here project resident studio artist Emma Charlton painted a large scale abstract piece inspired by the colours of the seasons.

“I was really happy to get involved in this new project at Stour Space. I have been painting since I was 13 years old. I work mostly with acrylics, simply because of the speed at which I paint. If oil dried as quickly I would use them all the time because I love the texture. Occasionally I have a stimulus in mind, but predominantly I just choose a colour palette and work with this and see what comes out on the canvas. If the colours don’t feel right I carry on until they do. Sometimes I think a painting isn’t finished and then I go back to it the next day and change my mind.”

You can visit Emma’s work in the Stour Space Cafe from 9-5 every day until April, as well as regular exhibitions, events and workshops in the venue.

Louise from GreatArt

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