Free In-Store Events: Women’s History Month Art Events

Organised in partnership with Sheroes

Exhibition of works from Craestor – 08.03.18 to 31.03.18
Your Shero on a Poster Workshop – 30.03.18 – 18:30 to 20:30

To mark International Women’s day, and Women’s History Month, we have a some events arranged in-store courtesy of Lon-art and Sheroes

Exhibition of works from Craestor | Thursday 08.03.18 to Sunday 31.03.18

We are pleased to be hosting a selection of prints from Craestor.

Craestor is an illustrator, cartoonist, comic researcher and anthropologist from Berlin, Germany. Her work has a queer-feminist and anti-capitalist approach, with a strong appreciation for black and white aesthetics. She wants to share a message with her drawings and creates humorous, punchy illustrations, caricatures and mini comics. Her preferred motifs are representation of non-cis, male bodies, diverse sexualities and genders, and she highlights feminist issues using pop cultural references.

She is currently working on a project about autobiographical mental health comics made by women, aiming to explore and analyse the intersections of gender, art and mental health.

You can see more of Craestor’s work at the Sheroes Social Exhibition.

Your Shero on a Poster | Friday 30.03.18 – 18:30 to 20:30

Let’s rethink the relationship between the history of the poster and gender. While analysing the ways in which iconic women and men have been represented throughout time, we will create our own Sheroic posters using cut outs and collage.

Every day of our lives, we come into contact with images of heroes or heroines on posters, social media, the press, and Hollywood movies. These mediums, among many other, transmit ideas about gender. It is easy to remain oblivious to the implications these forms of media have on society as we often consume them in a state of distraction.

If we look at posters of heroes and heroines of all kinds we will find the predominant ‘gaze’ of Western patriarchy. The lens of patriarchy shapes the powers and skills given to women and men in these depictions.

You cannot be what you cannot see! So, during this workshop you will be guided on designing your own poster representing your sheroes and heroes.

Maximum capacity 15 people. Sign up on our Facebook page or Eventbrite.

These events have been organised in partnership with Sheroes, Lon-art’s third Social Exhibition, champions little-known women warriors, leading ladies and unsung stars. For more information please visit

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