Derwent Art Prize 2018

Call for Entries

Deadline: 8th May 2018 17:00

‘If you’re entering the Derwent Art Prize this year, don’t try and second-guess what the judges want to see. I don’t think that ever really works. You have to really be yourself and don’t tame or compromise the work. Make a statement and don’t be inhibited in the drawing you produce.’

– from the Derwent Blog

This from Tim Wright, a prizewinner in the 2016 edition of the Prize, a former Fine Art lecturer within the London art school circuit, and the painting consultant who taught Timothy Spall to paint ahead of his starring role in the film Mr Turner.

  • Tim Wright, Helen Schone 14

The Derwent Art Prize was conceived in 2012 with the aim of showcasing artworks created in pencil and increasing the profile and importance of drawing as a fine art medium.  Since its conception, the competition has attracted more than 7,000 entries from over 67 countries, with the most recent edition attracting 3,299 entries by 1,193 artists worldwide.  The continuing appeal of the Prize lies at least partly in the strikingly individual character of each exhibition.  2016 saw ‘an economy with materials that brings a richness to the imagery’1 combined – perhaps a little paradoxically – with ‘a pleasing degree of imaginative waywardness’2.

Left: Tom Cartmill, Circle on Grid I ; Right: Anja Susanj, Underwater Interview

What qualities will define this year’s exhibition?  What commentaries and narratives will emerge?  With the competition currently open and calling for entries, why not submit for the opportunity to add your work and your ideas to the conversation about the power and value of contemporary drawing?  The competition welcomes both 2D and 3D artworks that have been created using any sort of pencil – this includes coloured, water-soluble, pastel, graphite and charcoal pencils.  Artists may submit up to six artworks: from the submitted artworks, approximately eighty will be selected for display at the Mall Galleries, London from 18th – 23rd September 2018. Alongside the chosen artworks being hung in a public display, prizes totalling £12,500 will be awarded in a private awards ceremony on the opening night of the exhibition.

Left: Chris Agnew, No word of a lie ; Right: Teresa Lawler, Blue Pool

In the words of Eileen Cooper Ra, painter, printmaker and 2016 Selector, ‘drawing is thriving, and for me it underpins all areas of artistic practice’.  Join the conversation and have your say by entering the Derwent Art Prize 2018:

1Meryl Ainslie, Director of Rabley Drawing Centre and 2016 Selector

2Michael Glover, art critic and 2016 Selector


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