Free In-Store Events: Artists Residency with Steve Thompson

with Steve Thompson

Saturday 06.01.18 – 10:00 to 19:00
Sunday 07.01.18 – 12:00 to 18:00

Steve (Folk) Thompson graduated from Middlesex University with a B.A. Honours degree in Fine Art in 1996, shortly after his studies he exhibited in a number of group exhibitions around the London area including a large show at The Shoreditch Town Hall and an exhibition at The Cable Street Gallery which received good reviews in Time Out magazine and The Guardian, despite this success it wasn’t long before Steve felt wholly disillusioned by the art industry and turned his attention to songwriting and solo musical performance.

Over the last 4 years Steve has dominated the house concert scene in Germany and he frequently visits to play parlour shows in living rooms all over the country, it was only last year when Steve began painting again, the inspiration arriving suddenly and passionately after a summer of traveling on his narrowboat witnessing the stunning and colourful countryside sunsets of middle England. One night whilst looking at the evening sky he turned to his wife and said “I want to paint that”. The following day Steve began painting again and continues to do so in a unashamedly prolific manner, his expressionist landscape paintings becoming very popular with followers of his music, with his constant work ethic and good use of social media he has managed to stretch private sales beyond his immediate fanbase.

Steve now visits Europe with his music and his paintings, he manages to blend both arts seamlessly with solo musical performances and pop up art shows all over Europe.

Steve is currently displaying his watercolours at The Ritzy in Brixton, London with a solo exhibition in the Upstairs venue and in March 2018 Steve will be displaying his watercolours and acrylic paintings at Kultur in Kontor in Wuppertal, Germany.

Steve will be spending the weekend with GreatArt, creating an expressionist style landscape painting on canvas using Golden And Flashe Vinyl acrylics. Visit him in our front of house area during normal working hours.

You can learn more about Steve’s music and art by visiting his website:

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