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Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard

Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard

Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard

Create Abstract Art with Amylee

We celebrate the many approaches to abstract art and we love sharing abstract painting ideas and tips. Have you tried ink colours on yupo paper? Amylee explains how it works!

ūüí¶¬†Technique: abstract art

With this technique (inspired by watercolour) you do not need to know how to draw, you just have to let yourself be carried away by colour and spontaneity.
You will see it is addictive and very pleasing when the ink spreads on the paper, taking various forms. The drops give birth to flowers, bubbles, cells, minerals, and landscapes. The result is really dazzling!

Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard

ūüí¶ Surface: Lana Vanguard Hi-Tech paper

Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard

  • Note: White paper, 100% acid-free polypropylene paper,¬†200gsm, smooth surface.¬†Recyclable¬†and has excellent resistance to light and aging.

Painting, drawing, scraping, erasing, the possibilities with Lana Vanguard paper (the equivalent of Yupo paper) are numerous and astonishing. Other papers (bristol board paper or grain paper) react differently, so you will not get the same effects.

When you take a closer look at the Lana Vanguard paper, you immediately think of photo development paper. Tear-proof, usable on both sides, and very resistant, the Lana Vanguard is exceptionally resistant during the application of colour (even in very wet). Pencils and brushes glide, pigments remain on the surface, and contrasts and transparencies are nicely intensified.

  • Note: In my demonstration, I only use alcohol based inks but know that Lana paper¬†can be used with acrylic, watercolour, oil and gouache paints, pastel or pencils.

ūüí¶ Alcohol based ink: Copic range

Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard

Available in more than 200 volours, Copic inks are alcohol-based and can be used with or without water. They are available in double ended markers or in refillable bottles.
The ink can be worked with a nib, a brush, a colour shaper (silicone), pipette or airbrush. Alcohol based inks dry quickly.

Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard 

  • Note: Copic inks have a slight odour. Personally I prefer to¬†use them in a well¬†ventilated place or outside. Clean your materials with surgical alcohol and paper¬†towels.

ūüí¶ Tutorial: materials

Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard


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ūüí¶ Some pictures from Amylee’s studio

To apply beautiful drops, you can use the refill bottle directly or apply with a pipette, a brush or other tools. Your imagination is limitless.

Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard

Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard

To succeed with super effects, it’s all in the dosage and the spacing of the drops on the paper. This is a good way to apply.

Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard

When the ink is still liquid, you can:

  • leave it alone on the paper
  • direct it by blowing on it with a straw or hair dryer
  • stretch it with a brush or toothpick
  • spread it with a cloth or sponge

Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard
Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard
Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard

ūüí¶ Did you know?

  • Stop when you will have flooded the paper with inks and then start on¬†a¬†drier base.
  • Once dry, the ink can be reworked indefinitely. This is what¬†makes this technique so¬†addictive and hypnotic.
  • Work with 2 or 3 colours to avoid muddy colours resulting from too many mixtures.
  • Work on 2 or 3 sheets at the same time to allow the inks time¬†to dry.
  • On lana paper, Copic inks have a matt finish in the centre and¬†glossy on the edges.
  • Do not blow for too long with a straw to avoid dizziness.
  • Drops of alcohol are used to reopen the whites or to enhance¬†the effect of¬†transparencies.
  • If you do not have alcohol available, the lightest colours in the Copic range can be¬†used to reopen blanks.
  • Surgical alcohol makes sticky dry inks.
  • It is possible to use a glue varnish like D√©copatch to seal them.

Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram. 

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