Free In-Store Events: Artists Residency

with Agwa

Friday 01.12.17 – 10:00 to 19:00


Agwa is the first of the second generation street artists. Born Albert Clegg in 1992 into a scientifically driven family Agwa quickly developed a taste for logic and reason. He is a paleo modernist creating work opposed to the alienating, inaccessible construct of whitewall galleries. He aims to create digestible, accessible work that can be enjoyed by all whether it’s in the  street, on a canvas or as a print. He is ‘The modern cave painter.’

After several years of school being forced fed generic contemporary artists and being told his art was wrong without a tangible reason as to why he stumbled upon a copy of ‘Wall and Piece’ whilst in a shop in Camden. This is where everything changed. A freedom from following the history of modernism had faded away and a new world was born where technique, accessibility and aesthetics was paramount.

Whilst studying at University Agwa became fascinated in the fundamental reasons for creation resulting in a keen interest in paleolithic history. He came to the conclusion that creating culture has the evolutionary benefit of being able to bind non genetically or environmentally related beings to one another. The uniquely human act of putting a nassarius shell on a piece of string enabled us to attain our most valuable assets, each other.

Work History
Whilst at university Albert set up The Bean Creative, a platform for him and his peers to showcase their work. Producing Fairtrade, limited edition products which were hand made by the artists The Bean Creative developed culturally significant products to challenge the 21st century’s throw away culture. After university Albert worked for Youth Marketing agency Livity. In 2016 Albert left his role at Livity to develop The Bean Creative into a fully functioning creative agency, which focuses on developing complete creative solutions for businesses.

Agwa will be joining us for single day residency at the GreatArt store. Visit him in our front of house area during normal opening hours.

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