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Easy ways to make Watercolour Patterns

Easy ways to make Watercolour Patterns

Easy ways to make Watercolour Patterns

A Tutorial from Amylee

Learn how to make patterns with this easy watercolour tutorial. Follow these simple steps written by Amylee Paris and you’ll make super patterns every time.

Want to learn a little tip that will give new style to your watercolour paintings?
This tip is so easy to reproduce, economical and time-saving when making geometric or floral patterns
Come and see, I’m sure you’ll love this article!

My love for wallpapers

You can see in my paintings that I like graphic repetition and wallpaper patterns. Lately, I also wanted to add similar patterns to my watercolour paintings.
I tried several techniques: freehand, stencils, with plastic wrap, salt or sponges but nothing was ideal because the results were not completely regular and sometimes too random.

Then one day, while I was enjoying myself during a watercolour painting session, I discovered that it was possible to create amazing graphic effects with paper towels in one easy way. This new idea will certainly absorb you!

Easy ways to make Watercolour Patternsright picture: Relief-patterned or embossed paper towel.

The materials you will need:

Easy ways to make Watercolour Patterns

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Note: This technique is inspired a bit by art stamping and repentir with rags, except that here we work on wet colour with paper towels to make prints.

How to make a nice background?

  • Take a sheet of watercolour paper + a brush and apply watercolour paint.
  • Take a relief-patterned paper towel (dry) and put it on the wet paint.
  • Lightly dab the paper towel with your fingers and then remove it.

Easy ways to make Watercolour Patterns

  • Voilà, a new print appears on your watercolour paper!
  • Let it dry completely, then afterwards you can go on your painting!

Easy ways to make Watercolour PatternsRemains of watercolour paints on towel paper.

Did you know?

  • The same sheet of paper towel can be reused several times if you let it dry.
  • Absorbent paper has 2 sides. The deeply-embossed side (instead of a dot-embossed side) leaves more beautiful prints.
  • It is better to work on fine grain watercolour paper because the torchon grain paper is less accurate.
  • You can use liquid watercolourif you add water, otherwise the colour remains too concentrated.

Easy ways to make Watercolour PatternsPrints on watercolour paper.

Pictures from Amylee’s studio:

Easy ways to make Watercolour Patterns
Easy ways to make Watercolour Patterns
Easy ways to make Watercolour Patterns
Easy ways to make Watercolour Patterns
Easy ways to make Watercolour Patterns
I’m sure you will not look at your toilet paper and paper towels the same way again!
And if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself with a toilet paper collection while waiting for your next watercolour painting!

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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