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Meet our Partners: Poetry in Wood

Meet our Partners: Poetry in Wood

Poetry in Wood

Poetry in Wood started in 1996 when it was a woodwork workshop for people with learning disabilities.

From there they created a course called Product Design and Development which teaches art, design and woodwork, and was accredited by the Open College Network (OCN) in 2003. The students have to pass 20 units to pass the course, like sanding, painting, design, burning with a pyrograph pen, etc. and by the time they finish the course they are skilled designers and woodworkers. A ceremony is held every year to present the certificates they have gained, awarded by an external moderator from OCN.

The social enterprise, started in 2005, and employs people who are graduates of the Poetry in Wood course. They currently employ 14 people with learning disabilities who take on commissions from the public and statutory organizations.

Poetry in Wood designs are fresh and unique. Art installations have been made for two international solicitors, they have worked for several City Farms, made signage and logos for local organizations and also make small products in wood and mosaic.
Visitors are very welcome in the workshop, as well as those who want to discuss a commission or buy from their large range of products.
Poetry in Wood is a very happy project and like to think their main product is independence for the students and workers.To learn more about them and see some fantastic examples of their work, please visit

Louise from GreatArt

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