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Introducing The Guild Society of Artists

Introducing The Guild Society of Artists

The Guild Society of Artists

A new opportunity is now available for all artists to become affiliated with the Fine Art Trade Guild. By becoming a member of the Guild Society of Artists you will have connections to this highly regarded, professional Organisation

The Guild Society of Artists (GSA) was formed to help artists to further their careers. Whether an artist works as a hobby painter and shows at a few exhibitions or if they work as a full-time artist selling work internationally, the Guild Society of Artists has a host of benefi ts and expertise available to them. The GSA is unique, in that it is fully integrated into the art business world through its relationship with the Fine Art Trade Guild, its parent organisation.
The Fine Art Trade Guild is a membership organisation that has been around for 107 years and has a wide range of expertise available for artists to access. The Guilds trade members have extensive knowledge in areas that most artists will utilise during their careers, such as picture framing, fi ne art printing and exhibiting artworks.

The Society is run by the Fine Art Committee of the Fine Art Trade Guild with the primary aim of helping artists to gain business knowledge and further their creative goals.There are four levels of membership that can be subscribed to, each one bringing a di erent set of benefi ts to suit an artist’s working practice. The Guild Society of Artists also awards qualifications to
members who show a high level of professionalism in their work and business practice. Each award, AGSA, GSA and FGSA, has various criteria to pass in order to qualify.It is hoped that artists will move through the levels to become highly regarded and fully exhibiting members of the Guild Society of Artists.

Colin Ruffell FGSA, Past master at The Fine Art Trade Guild, demonstrating at GreatArt in Shoreditch
To help you in your decision to join the Guild Society of Artists, here are just some of the benefi ts that are available to assist you in your journey through the art world. Art Materials: GreatArt offer a 15% discount on art materials for every GSA member level.Fine Art Picture Framing: The Fine Art Trade Guild is the leading body in framing standards and qualifi cations. They have a comprehensive list of framers around the country that can service all artists framing needs. They can advise on all areas of picture framing, up to full conservation standards.
Fine Art Printing: The Guild Society of Artists has links to top quality fi ne art printers around the country that can produce a full range of artist’s Giclée fine art prints, greetings cards and other products.
Galleries: The GSA are linked, through the Fine Art Trade Guild, to galleries all over the United Kingdom, Ireland and Overseas.
Publishers: As an excellent way to get extra income from your art the GSA has links to some of the top fine art publishers who can help promote artists, should their work meet the requirements.
Original Art Register: OAR is an invaluable asset to any artist producing artwork. Members will have the opportunity to register, online, each and every one of their original artworks. This will help to protect and promote them, globally. Higher level members will get a discounted rate.
Artist Business Helpline: For Level 2 members and above there is an artist’s business helpline to help with those problems that might come up in the course of furthering an artist’s career. From finding suppliers, understanding business promotion or simply a guiding hand to help artists move forward.
ArtSure: At certain levels members will be able to register their fine art prints on the ArtSure register if they are printed to the standards promoted by the Fine Art Trade Guild.
Newsletter: Artists will receive our quarterly newsletter direct to their chosen email address to keep them abreast of creative news, opportunities and ideas.
Membership levels 1 and 2 are available to purchase from GreatArt.

Full details of membership benefits are available online at
To purchase one of the higher membership levels and find out more about the qualifications available, please visit

Louise from GreatArt

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