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Artworks: Seeing is Believing

Artworks: Seeing is Believing

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Seeing is Believing is a pop up art exhibition featuring the work of artists in Sheffeld with Intellectual Disabilities. The exhibition took place at The Millennium Galley, Sheffeld’s premier destination for art, craft and design.

The exhibition was curated by ArtWorks, a not for profit organisation which provides creative opportunities and placements for adults with intellectual disabilities. Seeing is Believing celebrates the success and continuing development of the ArtWorks studio.
ArtWorks was approached by the Special Olympics to showcase the works of their artists as part of the games fringe activities. The exhibition took inspiration from this years National Special Olympic Games, which was hosted in Sheffeld from 7 – 12 August.
It focused on achievement, self belief, collaborative practice and teamwork. ArtWorks wanted to challenge people’s perceptions of intellectual disabilities through celebrating the creativity and ambition of the artists involved.

The exhibition also featured the works of; Florence Blanchard, Anthony Bennett, Roanna Wells, Geo Law, Dave Draws, Mandy Payne, Katie Harnett, Masie Paradise Shearring, Sill, David Thomas and Vicky Fong, Loopy’s Place and Greg Harris.
GreatArt supported the exhibition by donating art materials including paint, canvases, brushes, paper and lino printing equipment. The materials were used by the artists to create work for the exhibition. Due to the large donation form GreatArt, ArtWorks were able to feature more artists than previously expected and were also able to provide free lino printing workshops with some of the athletes.

All the work was auctioned off to help raise funds for the development of ArtWorks Studio. You can find out more by visiting

Louise from GreatArt

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