Free In-Store Events: Weekend Artist Residency with May-Linn R Caetano

Weekend Artist Residency with

May-Linn R Caetano

06.10.17 to 08.10.17

May-Linn is the South London based artist behind ‘Hera’s Watercolour’ and will be joining us to demonstrate her semi-abstract style of watercolour painting. You can visit her in our front of house area throughout the weekend.

“I am a young painter, hoping to spread my colourful interpretations far and wide. The business is named after my dog, Hera, who (fortunately) has little to do with the making of the paintings.”

“I was born and raised in a small town along the east coast in Norway. I always enjoyed nature and wildlife, and was at my absolute happiest (still am!) when I get to a remote place where I can just exist. I transferred schools halfway through upper secondary when I moved across the country by myself. Even while I lived here, I would rent a car and drive across the Norwegian highlands to stay at a remote family-owned cabin by myself. I once drove 8 hours through heavy snow storms to get there, but was far too excited to be on my way to be bothered. I find that I am heavily inspired by Norwegian nature in my paintings.”
To see more examples of May-Linn’s work, please visit

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