Free In-Store Events: Botanical Art Demonstrations

Botanical Art Demonstrations

03.10.17 + 04.10.17

GreatArt will be welcoming Amber Halsall and Angeline De Meester to the GreatArt store to demonstrate their contemporary botanical art techniques. Each artist will spend the day working in our front of house area and will be happy to answer any questions about their technique and art form, as well as showing you how these fantastically detailed works are created.

Amber Halsal SBA

Amber is an award winning contemporary botanical artist, creating highly detailed work in a variety of media. Inspired by the natural world around me, her favourite subjects are autumnal and vegetable, often found while walking in the beautiful Kent countryside around her home.

“I love to work in coloured pencil and water colour and have developed my own technique combining acrylic ink and coloured pencil. I particularly enjoy the challenge of portraying a subject in motion using a mixture of loose and more detailed style in the same picture.”

Amber has exhibited in many locations and sold work both at home and abroad including among others the USA, Europe and China. She is currently serving on the council of the SBA, teaches Botanical Art at the Tunbridge Wells Adult Education Centre, and runs workshops and private lessons. For information please visit her website

Angeline De Meester BA (Hons) FLS, SBA

Having trained and worked for many years as a jewellery designer, Angeline is fascinated by the subtle intricacies and brilliant construction she observes in plants. She focuses mainly on specimens that grow locally and enjoys looking at connections between what she observes and information she finds resulting in such projects as “Plants with Animal Names in their Common Names” which intrigued and delighted children and adults alike and won her a Gold medal from the RHS in 2007. At the RHS London Botanical Art Show in 2013 she exhibited her series “How Does My Garden Grow”.  This series told the story of her garden depicting one plant from every flowering genus collected together on paintings for each month. Her work is produced either as botanic plates or atmospheric studies and artistic depictions in the botanic art style, often working on paintings at full imperial size.

Angeline exhibits internationally, has won awards and has work in the Lindley Library, The Hunt Institute, The Hampton Court Palace Florilegium and the Dr Shirley Sherwood collection.

For further information about Angeline and her work please visit her website or her Facebook page Angeline de Meester.

These residencies have been organised in partnership with the Society of Botanical Artists ahead of their Annual Exhibition ‘ Changing Seasons; which opens on the 13th October at Central Hall, Westminster. For more information, pleased visit


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